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Another kick in the teeth

Tweet Once again, America and its justice system get a kick in the teeth. Jussie Smollett has beat the system again. This fool is out of custody after being sent to jail for five months. Clever lawyering? I think not.

The Slop Shack

Tweet Have you ever looked up a restaurant’s ratings on YELP?  I use it to get a feel for the place we were going to visit and what we might be getting into.  A few times the ratings appeared to

Happy Fourth of July

Tweet Well, here we are; it’s the Fourth of July 2022. We have a senile old fool sitting in the White House with a treasonous group of professional politicians who are controlling the old fool. Who, you ask? Nancy Pelosi,

America Burning

Tweet I am sick to my stomach watching our precious children being slaughtered on our streets and in their beds and riding in cars, all taking place in America.  The shooting of children in their beds in big cities, Chicago,

Happy Thanksgiving

Tweet Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and fans, and we do hope you have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday, except Samantha F. Spector, Esq. No, not really. After all, no one can “chase” a turkey like Samantha F. Spector.

Gascón has left the building

Tweet Hundreds of Murder Victims’ Families Are Abandoned by Gascón at Parole Hearings By Kathleen Cady On November 2, Michel and Ellen Shane attended the first parole hearing of the man who intentionally and deliberately murdered their precious 13-year-old daughter,

Bad Sperm and even worse Eggs

Tweet “Being a police officer or sheriff’s deputy is a great career choice.” That was the thinking back then, 30-40 years ago. You / I thought of job security, great benefits, and a job that had the respect of position. Well,