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Justin’s new Belieber is ready for some ‘jailhouse rock’

Tweet Justin Bieber, does it get any funnier than this? Really, could not get arrested in Los Angeles, no problemo in Miami! Think of this, based on mine and several others extensive research, if he is CONVICTED he could be

Juan Pablo Galavis….Dejar caer el jabón en la ducha de nuevo …

Tweet Juan Pablo Galavis, you no talent son of a bitch (Hijo de Puta!) you see my Espanol is not too bad if you will excuse me it is not my primary language. If ‘English is not your primary language’,

Divorce Corp Review–John J Nazarian Named Best Character

Tweet Nature may abhor a vacuum, but it seems lawyers also abhor arenas of life untouched by their professional advice or air-quote helpfulness, which goes a long way to helping explain the $50 billion a year cottage industry in contentious

John J Nazarian featured in Article.

Tweet John J Nazarian was featured in an article on< today, about his interview on Brandi Glanville's Podcastone show. Here is a short excerpt from the article. The man who had the inglorious task of serving divorce papers on

Questions From John To His Readers

Tweet Here are 3 questions that I am curious about, I know the answers already. I am curious what those of you who follow think? 1. “When Anna Nicole Smith took off to the Bahamas with her lawyer, what

John J Nazarian Appearing in E!’s Secret Societies of Hollywood Tonight!!!!!

Tweet John J Nazarian is appearing on E! Entertainment at 8 PM EST and PST and 7 PM CST and MST in a two hour special of the Secret Societies of Hollywood. This is going to be a great look