The Hat

What certainly seems like a lifetime ago, I had the opportunity to work for EXTRA under the supervision of two of my all-time favorite people, Lisa “G” Gregorisch and Jeremy Spiegel, and the assignment was the Patrick Kim McDermott case. Lisa “G,” as well as Jeremy Spiegel, in my opinion, are two of the most talented people in television, and the proof is the longevity they both have had on a tough, fast-paced show titled EXTRA.

EXTRA, under their supervision, was the first to get involved in the issue of “where is Patrick,” and the lead, if you will, was Olivia Newton-John, Da Singer.  It was me, John J. Nazarian, and Mike Nazarian who flew down to Cabo San Jose and drove hours to Todos Santos, a fishing village on the Baja peninsula. Our goal was to interview people who had seen McDermott and report those findings back to our benefactors, Lisa “G” and Jeremy. At some point, a “hat” came into question, and we were to meet with a woman who had the hat and wanted to turn it into me, John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator.

After spending hours and hours looking for leads, we ended up in a small town outside of Todos Santos called El Pescadero. It was here that I met with a son and mother team and had some of the best Mexican food that I had ever eaten, and still is, to this day, the case.  These two ran a little restaurant off the road, great eats. The son and mom team showed us some scratches on a board that they recall McDermott and his female friend had spent time scratching “letters.”  They recalled this very clearly, especially after all the attention circling McDermott’s alleged drowning; it was big news in this very sleepy little part of Baja.  And they, too, recalled the hat very clearly, and the two of them were very credible and “salt of the earth” types, good people.

John J Nazarian taking possession of “the hat.”

As soon as I got the hat, I placed it in a paper bag and placed it in my bag for my return to Los Angeles.  Along the way, Mike and I were questioned very briefly by the local Mexican cops and, during the discussion, asked about a “hat.”  I told them we had nothing but wonderful memories of this very enchanted fishing village and left immediately.  These legendary thieves with badges and guns are never, ever to be trusted; they are as corrupt as any legitimate criminal.

Along the way, it came to our attention that the United States Coast Guard would like to have the “hat.” And like the Banditos with Badges and Guns wanted to speak with me. That, too, was a rumor we had heard.  So, upon my return to Los Angeles, we met with Lisa G and Jeremy and handed over all our filming and the “hat.”  Keep in mind, we (Mike and Me ) were the first to get on this story and wrap it up as to our belief, as well as others, that McDermott was alive and well, and traveling with what was described as a pretty, dark-haired girl who some described as a German national.

Somehow DATELINE hired some “yahoo” who, in my opinion, played them for all it was worth and got what I guess was some face time. If you watched how this guy and his “crew” played the game, it was obvious what was being done. “Oh, we have a tip.” Funnier yet was that they made it on DATELINE, in what was, in my opinion, a total con.  The problem was that all the guy they hired got was very well fed and drank lots of fun stuff, all on DATELINE’s dollar.  All the meeting places were nice restaurants and lots of waiting and drinking. Again, in my opinion, a total con played on DATELINE. Very well played.  My thoughts on this guy are well documented in a story that I published on DESPERATEEXES.COM years ago.

To date, I am pleased that the work we did back in the day did, in fact, prove that McDermott had not perished at sea or in the harbor of Cabo and that he was traveling.  As of this date, March 28, 2022, McDermott has not shown up in anyone’s tomato garden as fertilizer and is still out there someplace. The “lead”  Mike and I got back in 2005 were that McDermott and his girlfriend were traveling to Monterey, Mexico.  It was the hat and the DNA that it held that was the goal many were after, and we completed that assignment in all our glory with Lisa “G” and Jeremy Spiegel waiting patiently for the two of us and the return of all their recording and camera equipment they had given us to use to document the truth of Patrick Kim McDermott, alive and well………


By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 4, 2022
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