Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, and I hope, A Happy New Year!


What can be said of 2020? For us, business was great; personal tragedies at times seemed unbearable. Well, here I am at 28 years of putting the ‘trash to the curb’ and always telling the truth here on DESPERATEEXES.


My dad and I

Through the years, we have had lots of laughs together and, at times, a little shock as to my ‘legal’ observations. Then I put those observations to print and saw what I could come up with humorously with those observations. What I found interesting was how many people laughed at my thoughts on how I described those thoughts.  It was never meant to be ‘cruel’; as I said before, it was my observations. Like the time I sat behind a lawyer who obviously had no mirrors in her home or office ( she was a partner at Trope and Trope ), and the back of her head looked as if a  “wildebeest had chewed the back of her head.”  That was funny, was then, and still is!  She has since gotten better, or at least careful, not to sit in front of me. All the illustrations are done by my team in Texas with my approval, again, just fun.


“It is morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.” -W.C. Fields

Many of you have been mentioned on and loved it, and a few, I am guessing, not so much.  Oh well, it is all for fun, and again, I must remind you that the only opinion that ever counts on is, of course, mine. (controversial thoughts I do keep a few notes as to the facts as I do want always to tell the truth)


We have been asked to take a story down through the years, and unless I can find a good reason, we do not. Sure, there were a few times that those we were making light of were not well, and we took the article down or revamped it a bit. Again, I always want to tell the truth and, at times, poke fun at what I think is either legally interesting or just funny legal and courtroom antics.


I’ll get right on that…..

Early this year (2020), a demand was made that I take a story down or face the consequences. Along with the request to take the story down was a demand for a “Public Apology” on my website,  Further, I was to apologize personally to the troll I had written about.  The story was 100 percent true and accurate, and the requester always found our pieces hilariously funny, until I guess it was not!  Well, I decided, and this is pretty much it:


“Well, that apology will happen right around the time my 110-pound Rottweiler decides to shit in the outside toilet facilities on our ranch and then gets my 70-pound Pitbull to wipe his ass! Then the two of them flush the toilet and come out of the restroom holding paws and singing Hava Nagila!”  All I can guess is that old age and a sense of self-importance begin to permeate all common sense of what could even be considered one’s reasonable behavior or a ridiculous request.  What is even worse? Every time I see this person, this tune will be playing in my mind.


I want to wish Joe, Neal, Ben, Peter, Grace, Susan, Joy, Michael, Nathalie, Daniel, Kent, Tanya, Judy, George, Chet, Barbara, Chris, Marc, Mark, Patrick, Gary, Judith, Cary, Adam, Ron, Debra, Ron, Roxanne, Jacqueline, Richard, Andy, Ros, Monique, Barry, Marty, Martin, Victoria, Luke, Vlad, Oscar, Vito, Paulie, James, Philip, Mix, Elaine, Terry and all of you that we love and cherish for a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and a prosperous 2021!


We have included some of my favorite photos; one is of my dad and me, a very funny Christmas party years ago when W.C. Fields joined us, and some miscellaneous memories of the past years.



By John Nazarian
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December 18, 2020
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