Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all my friends. After 27 years, I have people I love and people I don’t, y’all know who you are. Well not to outdo herself, Lisa Helfend Meyer (nothing but love here) threw what is likely one of the most outrageous Christmas / Hanukkah parties I have ever been to. Everything this lady does is over the top, nothing half-ass and as I have always stated clearly, it will be first-class or nothing.




Good food and good fun.


Lisa and her staff booked one of the most expensive restaurants in the United States with a waiting list to get a reservation that can take weeks and on a Saturday night for her firm and a handful of select friends for her holiday extravaganza. One hundred fifty people dined on lobsters, filet mignon, sea bass and food so spectacular I clearly understand the cost factor here, welcome to Mr. Chow. Michael Chow was present and spoke at the gathering as he is a dear friend of Lisa’s. This was one of the best meals I have ever eaten, the service, the drinks (open bar of course) and the food was absolutely the finest money could buy. (as luck would have it Madeo’s is a few doors down, another incredible place to dine and one I have frequented many times, most often for lunch as I like less noise when I eat)


Mr. Chow’s

The festivities at Mr. Chow’s took place in the main dining room, as well as the adjoining room for dancing and socializing. Lisa had the entire place for herself and her law firm, did I mention that? After Michael Chow and Lisa addressed the guests, it was announced that Phil Monahan was to be named a “partner.” Congratulations to Phil and good luck. When many firms are withering on the vine, M.O.L.M. is just getting bigger and bigger…Lisa is always on the hunt for those looking for a job, even for those who recently got fired just before Christmas so as not to pay bonus money that was due, DIVORCE law is full of “Rat Bastards.”


Some of the staff have been here as long as Mr. Chow has been.


Earlier in the week, I had the opportunity to visit the “Home Port” of M.O.L.M. and damn near lost my breath! The crew at M.O.L.M. did another new remodel and it is fresh and gorgeous. Lisa’s personal office suite is now a comfortable yet engaging sitting area. Gone are the desk and old setting. You will now be welcomed by a Gucci enhanced experience. And don’t forget to check out the artwork from the moment you step into the reception area.




Theodore, a 46-year employee of the restaurant


A real treat for me was to meet and talk with the staff at Mr. Chow. It was during this meeting I met Theodore, a 46-year employee of the restaurant. I also spoke with the manager; he has been with Michael since day one; the Maître de, 20 plus years; and waiters, many over 18 to 24 years. This speaks volumes of the quality of the man who built this restaurant, Michael Chow.




Mouthwatering menu


As the appetizers, as well as the main course, were being served, it was like watching an ocean liner being launched, big, impressive and smooth. These guys in tux’s and bow ties, other staff all in white, like enjoying a well-choreographed ballet as the trays and food were being placed on the tables. (shoes spotless white for some and clean floor-length white aprons on others) The restaurant staff just kept coming, that food was being served at the right temperature, and silverware and dishes being freshened up as the food was being served. The wine and drink poured at times as if it was coming out of a magic show, if you happened to look you would see the server making sure your glass was clean and freshened up. It was a night to remember and certainly not one that will be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to be invited. On the other hand, it has been Lisa that has given me many things to remember through our 25-year relationship; this is just another.


Lisa Helfend Meyer, the founder of Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers


The best part of all of this is Lisa Helfend Meyer, the founder of Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers. The beginning of the year was full of turmoil (it was for a short time and in the end, who gives a shit, no one I know). The turmoil comes to all of us who take the chances/rewards and must deal with the garbage our clients and other lawyers bring to our doors. All of us in the DIVORCE business can understand this. Who has not had to deal with FAKE BULLSHIT?





For Lisa, traveling the world with Ron is one of her pleasures in life, and why not, it is Lisa who built this firm single-handedly. (her partners and staff have certainly assisted, but at the end of the day, Lisa Helfend Meyer is the “rainmaker”). I still laugh when I get an email at 3:30 A.M. asking me a question about a current assignment she has assigned to me. Yes, I can also hear the comments as to my support and admiration for Lisa; she has been a true friend to my family and myself for over 25 years. Several of you that might read this have also been very good to my family and me through the years and I appreciate it and I don’t forget. Lisa, however, was always someone my family and I could depend on through the years for work and support. She made sure I got work and the kids had shoes, so to speak. It is, after all, who she is. Not the tyrant in the courtroom we know and love, or the cause for the acid reflux in your gut that keeps Cedars in business, but a true self-made lady that I will always support and respect. After all, what would I be if I did not? Thank you, Lisa, for another great memory.



By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 18, 2019
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  1. Lisa Meyer says:

    John, what a beautiful and heartfelt article. I know you are a tough guy and at the top of your game but you have a heart of gold-kind of like the gold Rolex you wear. It is during a time of adversity that we reflect, learn, grow and truly appreciate the ones that have stuck by us for over 2 decades. You are one of those people. I am proud to be associated with you and call you my friend. As for the others, as my Mother would say…..(and you know the rest of the story).

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