What’s in the closet?

Having “Friends” in the world of DIVORCE is “Tenuous,” and anyone who is being very honest with you will tell you this is as true as it gets.  Keep in mind, many of these men and women who work in these large law firms don’t care much for each other, and I will go a step further, many actually hate each other! Another observation is that many have no idea who really keeps “Their” firms afloat, the associates and junior partners are often the worst as to an air of entitlement.     Note: Notice a little change in tone and direction on DESPERATEEXES.com?  You are right; it will get worse, I promise, tearing the hinges off the closets and let’s see what falls out!

In the course of my work, I have been attacked directly, and sometimes indirectly, and like one of my heroes President Donald J. Trump, I strike back with little mercy. And I am never going to forget who has been good to me/us and those who I know don’t like me/us.  As I do believe the truth will set you free, and in legal circles, the truth can be a defense.  I no longer have contact, or a desire to make contact, with several lawyers that differences arose with staff and or clients and myself. We were cut off immediately and to this day still. For John J. Nazarian, who came into this world on a rough ride, has always reflected back on one thing “Would I do it again if I had the chance knowing the repercussions?” Hell ya!

DESPERATEEXES.com has been the go-to place for truth and freedom of my expression of just that, the truth. Plus, these new “un-friendlies” become soft targets for DESPERATEEXES.com, like picking Lilies in the Valley.

Money Money Money!

Even the way that many lawyers interact with the bench officers. Hell, you and I both know that if not for that title, “Judge,” many of these lawyers would not look twice at them.  That is a fact!  As for me?  I am an odd cat when it comes to title and position; it really makes no difference to me. If I like the individual, and if they happen to have a title or position, that is pretty cool, never is it a first criterion.  I could certainly go on and on when it comes to famous people and their character issues, both positive and negative. My point here is that this DIVORCE community is full of deceitful and hateful behavior and in the end, it is all about the money; those dam Benjamins.

BTW the private judge is an area that already there are grumblings and refusals being made as to some judges being used on “private” cases.  As I said at the beginning of this little piece, hateful and conniving bastards and sons of bitches, vengeful and hateful is the foundation of Family Law, both the litigants and those who represent them!

A few weeks ago I had lunch with someone I have always respected and enjoyed the laughter that he brings to the table, Mark Gross, Esq.
Mark and I were sitting together in Judge Yuhas’s courtroom watching Nathalie E.A.Paluch, Esq. and Stephen Kolodny, Esq, work the room in positioning themselves for a potential million-dollar reward. One for their client and the other for their pocket. Nah never mind!

Brot, Gross & Fishbein, LLP

For me, it is always a learning experience in meeting with any lawyer, and this lunch was no exception.  Interesting, it was Mark who put together the Brot and Gross law firm many many years ago. Mark had a vision, and a part of that vision, if you will, was Ron Brot.  Fascinating to learn how the two got together and put together one hell of a DIVORCE law practice. Ron Brot is certainly another fine lawyer, and as they say, opposites attract.  The firm that Mark Gross imagined has a new partner in that of Gary Fishbein, Esq.

This firm is lean and mean and without question the go-to place in the “Valley” for a fun time in DIVORCE COURT, and it would appear it is pulling clients from the “Westside” as well. Imagine that? Mark is one of those guys who keeps it real, and no matter what would occur as to issues negative or positive, he would still be someone I will always be able to call a friend. More often than not I find that self-made people are like this, good values and high standards.  And these kind words on my behalf have nothing to do with Mark paying for lunch! Note: I am equally fond of Ron Brot and Gary Fishbein, and a free lunch or, better yet dinner, would possibly enhance that “fondness” over time.

This tastes like Aunt Frankie!

As I was sitting here thinking how nice lunch was with Mark Gross, another thought crossed my mind.  How much fun would it be to throw a huge dinner event and invite all the people you could think of that you really don’t care for.  Sure, you could maybe get Levitt and Quinn to put the event on, guarantee that the food would suck, and there would be no entertainment other than the constant hustle for money! Can anyone disagree? OMG, I really need to stop, it is getting late and I need some rest from overworking my fingers on this keyboard.





By John Nazarian
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October 8, 2019
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