What’s Up at the Mosk Part 2

We have Judge Emily T Spear in department 65, and Judge Jennifer H. Cops in department 81. If you saw these two on the street, you would likely assume professional women for sure. Judges? I am thinking not, and why? They are both very youthful and, in that sense, it is refreshing to see them as sitting bench officers.

Refreshing also is how they handle their courts. It is friendly, and I notice that litigants feel free to address the court at “appropriate” times if such a thing exists. Some bench officers will shut a litigant down as soon as they address the court directly; most of the times it is inappropriate. Lately, I noticed that even in Judge Cochran’s court these judges let litigants speak. Sometimes I think it is out of pity for incompetent counsel. I believe this with all my heart. And sometimes one or the other litigant will tell the truth, it is shocking.

What I suspect is that these two judges, Spear and Cops, will get a reality check at some point in their new career. That reality will be how DIVORCE court is one of emotional manipulation that is second to none.  Judge Spear comes from a criminal court background as a highly seasoned prosecutor. I wonder what she is thinking as she sits in DIVORCE court.  She seemed to handle the outburst of the “Israeli”  bug-eyed creep in his attempts; I am thinking, to get me tossed out of the court. I told the court that I was only an observer and she addressed the “Israeli” bug-eyed creep that the court is open, and I get to stay. Just the idea that this happened to me further convinces me what a snake pit of lies DIVORCE courts are. That bug-eyed creep had no idea who I was and nor I him! Yet “Israeli” bug-eyed creep sat and lied to the court that I was staring at him. Why the lies? I am guessing it is genetic!

MOM!!! He won’t stop looking at me like that!!

To add insult to injury, Judge Spear asks if I will sit by the deputy as she stated: “I was not watching him.” “Him,” that being me! When “Israeli” bug-eyed creep’s lawyer, Mr. James “Jim” R. Thompson, chimes in after I stated that I was an observer he verbally questions why I am present.  First of all, Mr. J.R. Thompson, your numerous attempts to “object” to opposing counsel sounded like an elderly cat trying to pass kidney stones! Every lawyer has a style; I love the “whining” before your “objection.” ANYONE can sit in a courtroom; they are public! And just because your client lies, you should be careful as to supporting his lunacy! BTW, on January 4, 2016, someone stating on the web that they were your former clients, stated: “Worst lawyer stay away from him.”  You know, again, “knee jerk reaction.” I might agree with this comment!

I long for the days of Judge Donna Fields Goldstein, Judge Amy Pellman, and Commissioner James Endman, judges and a commissioner with great personalities. Let’s hope that Judge Spear and Judge Cops can get so wonderfully seasoned as these three incredible bench officers. (Judge Pellman is still on the bench, the other two retired)

Getting tossed out of the courts in this county has happened to me so many times I have lost count. Judge Iwasaki tossed me out of his courtroom due to an attorney present that was not happy with my thoughts on this website about “them.” When Iwasaki was told he had to let me in the courtroom he “closed” it. Let’s just say that my thoughts on this judge are well known. “Truman is that you dear?”

A couple of characters from a local law firm tried the same crap in Judge Goldberg’s courtroom several months ago. One was a short, chubby female “mini-me” of the founder (old fat guy) of the law firm and her “tin soldier mouthpiece!” Judge Goldberg saw what was going on and let me back in after the two “gunsels” made their sad presentation to the court as to why the court should be closed. FAIL!  This firm got fired by their client a few days later! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I was so glad to see one of the legends of DIVORCE court had returned to Dept. 88, The Honorable Judge Scott Gordon. Christ, upon entering his department once again, this time I had a lawyer/rabbi or something that was testifying, who lost his shit when I walked in. Finally, after adjusting his diaper and checking his fingers as he sat in the witness stand, he calls to his lawyer that “John Nazarian is sitting right there behind you.” His lawyer trying to keep his yarmulke on his head with one hand, he stumbles up to the sidebar!  He tells the court his sad story of how I am not nice to his client. What? His client’s desire, or lack of, for drag queens, is my fault?  Judge Gordon tells this incompetent lawyer to go back to the table and continue presenting his case. Case? This was as laughable as any I have ever seen. He got paid to do what, make himself look incompetent as well as his client? Two shmucks, both wasting everyone’s time.  And they wanted me tossed out? Why? Have I ever lied, not told the truth? The answer is I make it a point to tell the truth, and if I am wrong, I will take appropriate action to correct any “untruth.” It is a goal to always to tell the truth. “The truth will set you free,” one point of always being honest. Here is a point that comes to mind; look at Stacy D Phillips, esquire’s hairstyle, have I ever lied?


By John Nazarian
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May 13, 2019
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