Full Speed Ahead!

Well the crew at Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP are at it again! Expanding! Expanding what is likely the largest family law practice in the United States today. M.O.L.M. is like a beehive; it slows down a little during the evening hours and (they have a gorgeous office in Orange County not too far from John Wayne airport) keeps buzzing right along at first light all day long at both locations. Santa Barbara is still a possibility; it would fit perfect for Lisa as there are some great hotels and restaurants around!

I stopped by the M.O.L.M. the other day, and it was happening! The Century City location is being torn up. Lisa Helfand Meyer and her partners love change and love re-modeling just as much as they love what they do. I might be wrong here, I believe this is re-model #4 when many places are closing, M.O.L.M. is going full speed ahead. *It has been reported to me that another Westside firm is closing. However, one of its partners is going to open a ‘small’ office and keep going. My immediate thought was that a small office would be nice for him, this way he won’t get lost, the poor thing gets confused in an elevator!

Lisa and Dana are travelers; they work hard and love to travel the world. A few months ago, Lisa was in Europe and today she is leaving for a two-week swing through Australia. Lisa loves the feel of those first-class accommodations that American Airlines provides and frankly, it is how she lives and treats others — ever had lunch at Lisa’s office? It will likely be catered by one of the finest restaurants in Beverly Hills; how does she do it? Doreen and Felicia too love a great time, the parties M.O.L.M. will throw at a moment’s notice are some of the best I have ever attended, and again, it is always first class.

Most law practices when lunch rolls around you will be lucky to get a package of saltines and a cup of water, and if you do score a cracker, you won’t get validation for parking.

Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers are continuing to grow, and we wish Lisa, Doreen, Dana, Felicia all the best. They work hard; they take the hits and always land on their feet; they surround their clients with the best services around today. DIVORCE is not easy, and when you are very successful it is those well-connected hacks that will take cheap shots at you, something that I can relate to, and I am sure a few you can also.


By John Nazarian
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March 7, 2019
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