Happy Retirement!

One thing for sure here in sunny southern California is that things change, and most of the time unexpectedly, like all this damn rain! For us here at DESPERATEEXES.com we are sad to report that my friend Fred Silberberg has decided to retire. Fred is going to retire and enjoy his life and hobbies, which I might add he has many interests. Interests that Fred plans on enjoying while he is healthy, wealthy and wise, unlike some who stop only for death or horrible health.

Fred is, without question, one of the best DIVORCE lawyers in the country today. Why do I say that? Well, he is respected and adored by some, and hated by others, and that to me is a reputation to stand solid on. Hated? Only in so much that he would never roll over and try and please the lawyer on the other side of an issue and play nice, it is not Fred.

Fred is the guy that has seen it all, and in doing so has managed to plan for his future, wisely and very comfortably. Fred has a desire to enjoy his life after practicing DIVORCE law and do what he wants to do, unlike so many others that have become successful and wealthy, who desire to die rich and miserable. We have seen them all crumble and hobble away, bad blood flow in their fat ear lobes, tooling around in a wheelchair looking like she fell out of her trunk and or wearing ill-fitted dresses or suits, it is sad, it borders on pathetic.

The gang here at DESPERATEEXES.com and I will wish Fred all the best and look forward to having dinner in the desert. Fred Silberberg, doing it his way and loving life and those around him!


By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 6, 2019
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