Judge Hal

“Artificial Intelligence” is coming into all of our lives like a runaway freight train, with no way of stopping. It’s been reported that “AI” is likely to replace 40% of jobs that are now being done by humans in the next ten years.  Self-driving cars, aircraft that can take off and land themselves. “AI” is already in force when reentering the United States at the immigration check-in stations at airports across America. This is just the beginning. Note, I remember when owning a taxi medallion was a ticket to great wealth….Uber, Lyft and now self-driving cars have taken those medallions from riches to rags!

Just as wrist-mounted cell phones and or cameras are now a norm, so will robotics and “AI.”  At the end of the day, it all comes down to money and convenience for the masses, and profits for the businesses who will employ the technology.  Robots don’t need breaks, no medical benefits, no retirement, no workmen’s comp, no sexual harassment suits and will likely be better at its job/task than a human counterpart, and no sick days. The employer will only have to “service” the technology, and replace when needed. Fat Fred and Lazy Betty will be someone else’s headache. Employers are salivating!

I’m sorry, I can’t let you live.

This is a fact; China is booming forward in what could be described as the “ultimate big brother” activity. The population of China is being scanned 24 hours a day on streets, and other large public gatherings as to facial recognition, facial expressions, and the list go on. China has become a true world power that cannot be ignored, militarily as well as technologically. The arrogance of this country and its leaders, too, cannot be ignored; China cannot be ignored as to its threat to the world.

Funny, I seem to be already programmed for some of this stuff, my years as a prison guard, deputy sheriff and police officer, and not to forget my years at embalming. I know people and can see the ‘BS’ coming through the door.  Hell,  I am still great at watching and predicting human behavior and seldom am I wrong, sadly this is not always a welcoming trait by others.  I have seen it all; there is not much that I have not seen as to what one human can do to another.  All the way to the ultimate violation of trust and love that be the killing of one by another, homicide. Many of us remember the movie and character,  “RoboCop,” ha, it was laughable at the time, not so fast!  We will have robotic police units that will be that and more  “RoboCop” may show up at your door. This technology and dozens of units are sitting in labs as I type!  “Just the facts ma’am.”

I AM the Law!

Many of you are by now wondering where I am going on this subject.  It would be interesting to have a ‘Judge,’ a machine/robot who would be programmed to review the facts ( remember we are moving into a paperless world, and the human element may someday be a distraction ) ‘It’ would listen to the testimony and make a decision based only on facts. Grumbling from the cheap seats, lawyers and litigants would be loud and clear, and no one will care, well no one with a heart.  There is another aspect of the ‘coming of “AI,” and that is “Machine Learning” or “ML.”  Just as cloning was thought to be acts of the devil and of a mad scientist all of this stuff, “AI” and “ML” is going to be a major part of all of our lives.

We have all heard the complaints about DIVORCE courts, that the bench officer ‘does not read the papers’ and if they do read the file, they did not get the ‘facts’ straight. Well, with artificial intelligence and machine learning it would all be processed to the fullest ‘letter of the law,’ there would be very little ‘spirit of the law.’ An immediate decision would be rendered. Just the facts, oh no!  Maybe, perhaps a human component would review the decision, then again maybe not, after all the decisions have been issued by a highly trained robot/judge.

Certainly, this is not going to be immediate at any of our local courthouses, for sure, and when it does can you imagine?  For now, what I see is a great deal of “LI,” lack of intelligence, and in some cases just simple stupidity, from litigants who continue to step in front of bench officers and try to pull fast ones.  Lawyers who like to present a case or take a position that is laughable at times. These very same lawyers will often keep the ball in play in hopes of a big payday, and why not, this is a business. BTW, just because your lawyer graduated from law school does not mean they are smart. Don’t confuse clever and sneaky with intelligence.  I swear, I have sat and listened to hundreds of hours of lawyers and litigants behaving poorly in courts of law. One day I predict this will come to an end, ‘it may look human,’ but will, in fact, be a robot and it will not be the Twilight Zone, it will be a reality, your reality.


By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 7, 2019
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