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It is my privilege to bring to DESPERATEEXES.com someone I have known for almost 20 years. Welcome, Debra Opri.  Years before Anna Nicole Smith I had met Debra at her offices in Beverly Hills, California.  What can I say about Debra Opri? She’s dynamic, energetic, honorable and dedicated to the law and her clients.

After years of “let’s do lunch” Debra calls me one day and says, “You busy?” And of course, as usual, I was.  But not too busy to have lunch with Debra at the Waldorf Astoria, however. While Debra and I are driving through Beverly Hills in her Mercedes convertible, Debra calls Jean-Georges and makes a reservation for lunch at “her” table!  When we arrive, Debra Opri is known to the entire Waldorf Astoria staff. It was very cool; I felt important!  Opri dines here so often that she has her own table!  The food and service are very nice, very “Waldorf“ if you will.  During lunch, Debra and I reminisce about all the cases we have been involved with, and we can still laugh! When I say involved with, generally I was on the other side. I even served Debra a subpoena at her home one time. (unlike some lawyers, she laughs about it. Many still hate me for having to be on the opposite side of one of their cases. Not Opri)

Debra Opri is the founder of Opri and Associates, a “Boutique Firm.” This is a niche “Boutique Firm.” That term suits her and her clients perfectly.  One of her favorite clients was “The Godfather,” James Brown! Now I have worked for and with Miss Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, and Dean Martin. James Brown would have been very cool to have worked with and for.  Sitting in Debra Opri’s office, it is furnished very classily, comfortable classy. The walls are full of her celebrity clients (nicely done of course), and her desk overlooks the City of Beverly Hills. Welcome to Opri’s world.

Public Service Announcement:  If you walk into court one day and see Debra Opri representing your soon to be X spouse, know this. Opri does not like conflict, she wants to be nice and hopes that all involved will at least attempt to do the right thing. Warning!!!  Do Not misinterpret her kindness as weakness.  30 years of managing Debra Opri and Associates has not been wasted on Opri developing her techniques and knowing the law!  If you do misinterpret Debra Opri, you will regret it. Can’t say it any simpler than that. Now keep in mind, if you don’t like the “nice” Ms. Opri, just keep taking the ugly path of being cute and underhanded and see what a “bitch” practicing DIVORCE law can be.  And BTW, you can hire the biggest firm in the country, Debra Opri will find them entertaining. Take it from me; she loves being entertained. None of it will be challenging for her, at all. Welcome to my friend, Debra Opri, Esquire!


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