Stacy and the Roaches

We have all heard of the old adage “In the event of a nuclear holocaust only cockroaches and Stacy D. Philips would survive.”  Well, it has been approximately one year and 11 months since Philips hooked up with her current savior, Blank Rome, LLP. Of all the really great lawyers in the Southern California area, how in God’s name did “blinky” find a new home? Let me continue with this “famous and or Super Lawyer.”

Well, I have a funny feeling that if you ask Britney Spears and her group about “Super Lawyer” Philips, the only thing “Super” was the bill Spears got for $481,627.37 for services provided by the super one. “You owe me $481,627.37,” this is a quote taken from “Law of Hollywood Land” back on 8.19.2008.  Note: to be totally even-handed on this subject, many lawyers struggle to collect their “booty” from what are known as clients and it is often difficult.   Note: Britney was being unfair. $481,627.37 that was after a discount of $125,000.00! It was reported to have been from March to June.  Friends, I cannot make this stuff up.

I’m a super lawyer, just ask me.

Stacy D. Philips is one hell of a self-promoter. Google her and read the great stuff she says about herself. She has a similar desire like so many in the legal / DIVORCE field in trying to remain relevant. The relevancy is interesting, as it is my opinion that since Philips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra (The Famous One’s) former firm disappeared had to be a poke in Stacy’s already suffering colossal ego. “I am a Super Lawyer! Where did my firm go?”  I think that her experience in the world of DIVORCE is likely something that hits close to home, real close, Oye, close!  Two words that come to mind are “boxer shorts.” There was an old ……….. Nah, never mind. As soon as I can get the documentation, we will post it here!

I have also spoken to former employees and partners of the former firm of Philips of what again, in my opinion, was similar to the Hindenburg…. however, what do I know? Stacy is now attached to Blank Rome LLP. The reason, I am guessing, is the firm’s desire to get close to the trough of wealth that is DIVORCE and they chose Philips. (cockroaches & bright light and heat)

See, even my undies say I’m super.

As I sit at my desk watching our horses graze from my front window, I can recall the first time I heard Stacy D. Philips attempt to “present” in department 88 at the Stanley Mosk, The Honorable Scott M. Gordon presiding. Listening to Philips speak was similar to an opera singer trying to sing La Traviata with loose and or missing teeth!  Terrible, just awful as she stumbled for words. And that knitted outfit she was wearing?! All of it awful! I also have heard, from reliable sources, that depositions are not a strong point with “The Hat” either…. Blank Rome LLP sent along a little help in a current case involving the “Burger Bitch,“ praise the lord!

One thing I will give “kudos” to Stacy for is that “hat” she wears at all times! To think that a Columbia graduate could invent a hat that actually looks like a head of hair!  If I am not being truthful here, please take the time and look at all of Philip’s photos, she is wearing that awkward derby, generally cocked to one side to offset the offset of her eyes. Stacy D. Philips could have been just as “famous” as a fashion icon as she is in the world of DIVORCE!

Need I say more?

Over the last several years as many of you know we get many calls and emails as to what is “my” opinion of certain lawyers.  I am personally proud to say that I have, with the help of Jesus Christ, my lord, to redirect several clients who almost retained Stacy D. Philips, Esq.  One day several years ago I got a call from a dear friend, Dr. David Fett, who had almost hired the “Famous” one. Ask Stacy D.  Well, thank the lord I got David over to a very highly qualified lawyer who really has a very successful law firm. January 2018, I also redirected two others who almost “bought a hat” to two other qualified firms. will never, ever suggest any of its followers utilize the services of “The Hat.“

BTW, it is not my intention to be untruthful or cruel, and if it was, I could talk a bit about that “toothy smile” that at times resembles a staple puller. Or if I wanted to be really nasty, I could discuss how she dresses, and I am not going to do that under any circumstances!  However, it was Stacy who decided to take me to task recently. Yes, Stacy also enjoys taking shots at me, and it is for that reason I felt it important to re-visit, “The Hat,“ “Stacy D. Flips,” and the “Famous Divorce” lawyer right here on

I voted for President Donald J. Trump, and I agree with his position that if you screw with him, he will screw with too. Do I consider this a form of “bullying”? Absolutely not. As my daddy told me as a child “Son, if that bull is sleeping, leave it to sleep.“ Stacy, you don’t like me, and I do not like you.  Frankly, in expressing this thought, I belong to a huge club and you Stacy D. are always great material to write or talk about.

Good for many more to come.

On the other hand, several times over the years your name, Stacy, will come up during a dinner or a lunch with other DIVORCE lawyers, and the laughs you and your name bring to the table are priceless. From the bottom of my little heart, I thank you for all of this!  Please, Please, Please just keep being yourself and I will keep observing. Note: If Stacy D is on the other side of your case in a DIVORCE court, please call us and maybe I will stop by!!!!

Note: Recently it was reported to me that after some legal proceeding in Palm Springs, California (this year) opposing counsel took pity on “The Hat,“ as Stacy D. aka “The Hat” was by herself during a lunch break.  So, opposing counsel convinced members of her legal team to let “The Hat” tag along and join them at their country club in the desert for lunch.  Only to have “The Hat” pull a legal “shitty” on this very same lawyer a few weeks later taking a really cheap shot at her in a letter to the court! Being nice to “The Hat” is not a good idea, generally, under any circumstances.


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May 7, 2018
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  1. Me Of Course says:

    Once again, I was perfectly happy never hearing of or being close to this idiot. However, she decided to make it known that ‘ John does not provide security services ‘ and it was reported to me that she also decided to sabotage our firm. Sooooooooo I felt it only fair to discuss my thoughts on her and the ” Burger Bitch “.

  2. Me Of Course says:

    Once again I am just ‘Wippy Snapped’ at the comments that come in on my stories. Thanks to all of you for the ‘tid bits’…. it is both funny and sad.

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