Pat, I’d Like to Buy a Judge

Over our many years, with the help of Rose and Ken, has been on the cutting edge of news in the world of DIVORCE. And as I have mentioned too many times to count, the only opinion that counts is mine.

A few years ago I did a piece on “rent-a-judges,” and boy oh boy has my phone been hot for the last two weeks! In my previous stories, I discussed the issue of how fair a shake will one lawyer get over another when one firm uses a “Rent a Judge” many many times and your lawyer never uses one. If you can’t see the ripples in the toilet we call DIVORCE and where these “Rent A Judges” fit in, then you should give up your practice and make pizza, fix old cars or buy a big piece of land and raise pigs.

When you buy a tool at SEARS, you can always bring them back if it does not work right or you just bust your knuckles and don’t like the pain! Buy a bad pair of shoes at Nordstroms, bring them back and all is better, feet are feeling better, pain is gone. Rent the wrong judge, which has become a huge multi-million dollar business, and you are screwed, screwed beyond what you ever thought possible, and the pain can last a lifetime. And guess what? You gave him or her to that multi-million dollar rental agency! Personally, I like the sitting judge in lieu of the rent a judge when I am asked by our readers and or clients. Unless the “fix” is in……how do you ever know?

“Ill fitted for this work,” “Queen of bias,” “She makes rookie mistakes,” “Pre-judges, does not think her decisions,” “Once she makes up her mind, you are done.” All of these comments came from several DIVORCE lawyers I personally spoke to, both by phone and in person, about Judge Reva G. Goetz, Judge of the Superior Court, Retired.

Many I spoke to had nothing nice to say about Judge Goetz. A few were concerned that for certain firms, it was clear “they” were in her good graces and that was the expectation why Judge Goetz was hired. Ouch. These are strong thoughts and if true, how many others are also behaving in such a manner?

Judge Goetz was a commissioner for close to 20 years. Judge Goetz has handled some big conservatorship proceedings; Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mickey Rooney, and the widow of Sammy Davis, Jr. Was these issues present when Judge Goetz sat on the Superior Court Bench? Not till recently has this popped up on Without going into too much detail, what I was told was very concerning.

A girl has her needs.

Nothing new, as I have stated in the past as to “Conflicts of Money”……Lady Justice is Blind, if not for those big hourly rates. And we all know Benjamin Franklins can speak very loudly. At no time is it this writer’s intent to say that this “Rent a Judge,” Goetz, is corrupt. I will stand with the comment of one lawyer who was kind, I think, when they said Judge Goetz is “Ill fitted for this work.”

**Suggestion: Every “rent a judge” should have to tell the potential new client how much they have been paid by the attorneys involved in their case and how many current and prior cases they are involved in with the parties before them.

BULLETIN: Another tip came to me just today about this same “flow” of judicial officers and the “appropriate,” or “inappropriate,” interaction with lawyers (a particular lawyer has been mentioned)! When new bench officers take the bench, they are often “invited” to a “study group” by one particular lawyer, and are being wined and dined. I am willing to bet many will read this and say “Damn, Nazarian is right again.”

Does anyone want to join my study group?

This is a behavior that has come my attention and is frankly disturbing, if this is in fact the case. Many judges will attend an event that is attended by many lawyers and will often pay for their own ticket, so as not to give the impression of inappropriate behavior or to ever be accused of being biased. And I know for a fact that many judges have told me that they are always, always aware of any shenanigans that someone might try to drag them into. For a new bench officer who has not fully got the lay of the “judicial land,” and those who pave the way, they are like “lambs to the slaughter.” Those “pavers,” who generate hundreds of thousands and often million dollars in fees, any attempt to ingratiate themselves to a bench officer is the ultimate ego bump.

My source tells me this is nothing more than to make the “new” judge be aware of who “Mr. Big” is. What my source described was a “scam,” that is being run by this one particular lawyer and his “study group.” New Judges should be put on notice to beware of this potential huge conflict and to have a judge have to disclose this while sitting on the bench is frankly disturbing.

This too is going to be watched much closer by, and we will post the judges who are being wined and dined so that our readers will have some knowledge and to be wary of the infamous one who enjoys padding his position in the “community.”



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