The Gun Fighter

Several months ago I was roaming the halls of the Mosk and I ran into an old friend, Ron Rale. It is always a delight for me when I run into Ron Rale, the former “hatchet man” of Trope and Trope. When I refer to Ron as a “Hatchet Man,” I could just as well use the term “Mr. Fixit.” When Sorrell Trope had a troublesome DIVORCE case and it needed fixing, and fast, Ron Rale would be called. It was I who gave Ron Rale the title as a “gun fighter.” Ron shows up and fights like hell to make sense out of what is often nonsense; it can be fun to watch.

Ron was at the Stanley Mosk on a big case this day. Yes sir, a real big case with an even bigger name, Michael Jackson! Did I mention that since the retirement of Sorrell Trope, that Ron Rale is in private practice and is in very high demand? In the world of DIVORCE, and all issues related, Ron is someone who has the answers most of the time. And if not, he is a real laugh grenade!

I sold my motorcycle for this??

Ron was representing Trent Jackson. Trent was the one that was accused of not being nice to Katherine Jackson. As I got Ron’s eye this morning, I saw two well-dressed females, black, and both lawyers, walking away from Ron with big toothy grins. These two were very impressed with themselves……I could tell. These two well-dressed ladies at the time were representing Katherine Jackson and are now GONE! (Unless you are Howard Weitzman, almost 78 years old and very very famous….he is often credited with giving Anthony Pellicano his start. As a lawyer, your existence in a case is shorter than the life of a fruit fly!) Most of these lawyers representing some of these rich folk are just short of cannon fodder and highly replaceable! And many lawyers would do the job for free just so they could say they are representing “so and so.” No money, but you get to toss a famous name around….I am sorry, I have always been on the “show me the money” line of thinking.

Be vewy vewy caweful. Ron Rale is in the house.

Well, to put it pleasantly, Katherine Jackson and her band of merry lawyers got a serious slap down by Ron Rale. And frankly, if asked, I would have warned these defenders of the “Gloved One” to be careful, very careful, of Mr. Ron Rale. However, no asked me anything.

Good O’l Ron had taken a liking to Trent Jackson and went ahead and represented Trent Jackson knowing he had no real money. Trent Jackson had to sell his motorcycle to give Rale the initial $7,500.00 retainer. (Imagine! Trent, a Jackson, had to sell his motor cycle to get that money.) However, Judge Rolf M. Treu in Dept. 59, in his tentative for attorney’s fees, awards Ron $44,765.00 and $19,200 to one of Ron’s associates, Philip Cohen, Esq. $19,200.00 (Philip was a criminal defense lawyer just in case) Imagine, to some degree this is all “rich folk” bullshit. Trent Jackson was being accused of all kinds of stuff, even stealing money from Katherine Jackson! The “abuse” word was even used. Remember, “stack it high and hope it works.”

Too bad they did not realize Trent was bringing in the “Gun Fighter.” All stuff that in the end was all, yup you guessed it, bullshit! My prediction is that the other side (Jackson’s) will appeal the judge’s order. Sure, why not. Jackson’s lawyers will bill $200,000.00 in trying to appeal a $44,765.00 and a $19,200.00 court order! Remember, “Sugar Plums” come in many different colors and flavors.

Trent Jackson is reported to be a decent guy who found himself in a battle of big money. Certainly nothing for Trent, just a family member who took a dislike of Trent. Maybe feeling that Trent might get too close to the “bank,” aka Mama. This is a battle that continues to this very day. Damn good thing Katherine is getting her monthly allowance, otherwise, a few Jackson’s might be on a serious diet.

Just in case I may have made an error, I have attached for your reading enjoyment the tentative, and more documentation will follow as it becomes available.

Tentative Rulings – Online Services – LA Court

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August 12, 2017
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