Birthday Blanket

Well, it happened. I am now 65 years old, and it was one of the worst days of my life. “Happy Birthday?” Phooey! The Beatles did a song titled “When I’m 64.” They did not do 65 as there was no way to make it light hearted or fun! I thought turning 50 was terrible, this is worse, and it came so damn fast! Seemed only yesterday I was paying for a 50th bash that upon seeing the bill I wanted to toss my lobster thermidor! Oh for sure on the one hand I have had too many friends that I went to high school with who never made it to 65 years old. During the AIDS epidemic, again I lost friends who died in their 20’s and 30’s. So in totality, the option of not aging is also not a particularly pleasant one, I am also dealing with that reality.

I have already chosen two songs to be played when I my time comes. “Is that all there is,” sung by my friend of many years Miss Peggy Lee; and “My Way,” written and sung by another friend of mine, Mr. Paul Anka. Those two songs sum it all up for me.

I find certain songs on Sirius XM 60’s and 70’s that, depending on my mood and thoughts, can bring a tear to my eye thinking of the times and what I was doing at those times….honestly, it sucks. The only true bright spot anymore are my grandkids, all 6 of them. The kids bring me a sense of calm and enjoyment.

Wonderful night!

The photos I am sharing with this article are of one of my very closest friends, Lisa Helfend Meyer. Lisa is the founder of one of the biggest family law firms in the United States. Lisa is a rain maker! Lisa and her firm through the years kept a roof over my head with the work she allowed us to participate in. Others too, but it was Lisa that made sure I had work. Oh don’t get me wrong, there were times when we were on different sides and it was not pretty. However, it is the nature of what I do, and that of certain lawyers, that we all swim in the same swamp, if you will. And some lawyers accept bumps along the way; others have tried to shut us down, and frankly, those that have tried made my work and thoughts all worth it.

In this photo, Lisa and I are at a wedding at the very famous Bel Air Hotel. What an evening that was. It was the wedding of Dr. David Fett and his gorgeous bride, Sabrina. It was a night to remember. The food, the drink, the atmosphere was all Hotel Bel Air and the band was incredible too. All done to the standards of the Fett’s, first call plus!

A Hermes Avalon blanket to keep this old guy warm.

Lisa is also fond of great gifts. Being that I am now 65, every old guy should have a blanket. I do get chilled, air conditioning you know. Being a friend of Lisa also means that if a blanket is needed, you will get a blanket from none other than Hermes! A Hermes Avalon blanket and nothing less! The knock on the door, the two delivery men present to assure that a package from Hermes is delivered appropriately and to the correct recipient.

Lisa, thank you for 25 years of amazing opportunities and friendship, through great times and difficult ones.




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