Wednesday and her puppy

Ya all know me and how much I love a good trial, or a chance to learn something new in the world of DIVORCE. Well, I have learned that the world of “beauty” too can be ugly also. Tracy Holland, Co-Founder, and CEO of HATCHBEAUTY Los Angeles, 10951 W. Pico Blvd. Suite 300, L.A. Ca. This is a real class operation, well founded and a leader in the industry of cosmetics and beauty. Ms. Holland is also learning about DIVORCE and all the components of this industry…first hand.

When I say “ugly” in so much, Ms. Holland and her husband have decided to call it quits…and it was taking place in Department 64 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. DIVORCE is not pretty, except for those getting paid thousands of dollars to produce a product, misery, and heartbreak. The Honorable Mark A. Juhas, one of the most respected judges in the country, is presiding over the DV trial…or is he?

I want me
I don’t want anybody else
When I think about me, I touch myself
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah ah oh ah

Judge Juhas was frequently challenged as to his comments from the bench by Larry Bakman (of counsel and representing Tracy Holland). Bakman is one of those lawyers that, as he has graciously admitted, “loves the sound of his voice.” At least he is honest. He likes to hear himself talk! For any lawyer to constantly challenge a sitting judge, I question the wisdom in this approach. However, we are talking of Larry Bakman. I have found Bakman entertaining on several levels through the years. Bakman has also been on in, let’s say, less pleasurable print. However, he has marketed himself as the go-to guy for DV cases here in Los Angeles. Larry Bakman has developed a cottage industry in taking the family law judges to task when it comes to domestic violence here in Los Angeles. Note: Larry Bakman played a judge on TV for a short period, and I wonder if sometimes he forgets the word “played.” Bakman was constantly barking at Judge Juhas with the threat of appeals. At times I was surprised by the patience of Judge Juhas and that he did not toss “Barking Bakman” out of his court! “You are dead wrong,” was just one blast from Bakman to Judge Juhas.

mwahaha hahaha

The other lawyer on this case (of counsel and also representing Tracy Holland) is Jacalyn Davis, Esq. When I see Ms. Davis, I see a flash back to that old tv series The Addams Family. Wednesday Adams. An “Old” Wednesday Addams. At times during the trial, I could also see and hear another character from the show as Davis spoke, Lurch. Funnier yet was Ms. Davis’s choice of “dress.” The first word that comes to mind is “Odd.” Those boots?????? How is it that those things can be worn with every outfit????? And every day???? As I sit here and type, I wonder if Davis’s boots maybe orthopedic? Note: People know that I am very fond of women’s shoes and handbags and I do pay attention. (Meyer, Wiesner, Jamra) There is another “Odd” peculiarity about Ms. Davis, her little red handbag that seemed always to be stuffed securely under her arm.

Oh yeah yeah yeah, don’t let your lovin’ go to waste
Oh honey child, I’m gonna give you a taste
Whoa I send shivers
Smooth up in ya

So, here I sit watching and listening to Ms. Holland’s legal team of Bakman and “Wednesday aka Lurch!” You actually want to laugh watching these two work together, similar to watching a pug trying to mount a German Shepherd. You pick! And that wig? It looks like it was tossed with a “Shrimp Louie” and placed on her head in the dark!

On the other side, we have Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lawyer, and founder of M.O.L.M, the biggest family law firm in Southern California. Along with Ms. Meyer is two of her highly seasoned junior associates. All well dressed and don’t ever expect to see Ms. Meyer wearing the same shoes twice in a month. As I have previously stated, what she spends on shoes and handbags in a year would support a third world nation. Years ago Ms. Meyer and Sorrell Trope were thought to be two of the best-dressed lawyers in California. Most of the staff at M.O.L.M pays close attention to detail as to dress and appearance.

And you have heard it here first. Lisa is finally stepping up to a new Bentley motor car this year. She joins the league of several other top-flight lawyers who have a liking for these great cars!

How may I help you?

Now don’t get me wrong here folks, Ms. Meyer has a tough battle for her client! She is representing the husband/victim, Allan Idov, the former love of Tracy’s life and father of their children. Half of that is still true. Holland, it is mentioned during the court proceedings, makes lots of money. $11,000,000.00 in 2017 that is a lot of face creme. Up from $5,200,000.00 in 2015 (these numbers were tossed around, and accuracy is not exact) And it was also discussed that poor Tracy only makes $5,000,000.00 a year. BTW, Tracy Holland looks nicely dressed each time I saw her…. and sitting next to her lawyer she looked nicely dressed. “Lurch, answer the door!”


Oh Rocky, where are you?

On the one hand, it does look like Allan Idov got set up. Just my opinion. Timing Timing Timing and the timing was perfect to get the DV case against Allan; he never saw it coming, the DV or Bakman. Lisa’s client was terrible on the stand. Can’t remember, smiles and or laughs at inappropriate times. Just tough. Idov’s behavior, I think, is his nerves and or a person who feels he is innocent and believes all is ok. This behavior can happen to anyone who is not used to being questioned and attacked by opposing counsel, and it is not easy. For me? I love it and love the attention even more….love to testify. It is a battle of wits. At times Lisa Helfend Meyer looks like a hundred dollar bill up against two one dollar bills as she fights and is insulted by “Barking Bakman.” Of course, at every insult delivered by Bakman, “Shrimp Louie” smiles. Real cute.

Leaving so soon? Do come back, we so miss you.

Ms. Meyer’s job was to bring Idov v Holland’s case back into the world of reality. Bakman had sent the entire case and the closing arguments into the “imaginary space” of criminal law. This is “DIVORCE / Family Law,” and all that stuff that Bakman loves to toss into the mix is criminal court stuff. After over one and half hours of going through the evidence piece by piece, Ms. Meyer brings the case, I think, back to Los Angeles from “The Outer Limits” and back into department 64. Note: keeping with the TV theme of this story. It was not easy to sit there in Dept. 64, there was some serious BS flying, and much of it was not sticking. Glad I had boots on. Alligator, custom made alligator boots, $5,000.00 worth and gorgeous. Not meant for walking in BS, so I was real careful where I stepped, conflicts are everywhere as is bullshit.

What we have here are two litigants who could well be contestants for the “Liars Club.” No one tells the truth in DIVORCE court! Sit and listen to the evidence. Tracy Holland’s lawyers subpoenaed 22 witnesses! Only four showed up!!!! Ms. Holland had IT guys that did a ton of computer work, and they never testified!!!! You have to wonder why? “Too Clever by Half?”

Some people got to have it, yeah
Some people really need it
Talkin’ y’all do things, do things, do things, bad things with it

The saddest part of all of this is that the millionaire and the one that is not, aka the “Duo,” have young kids who, without question, love dad and mom. Liar 1 or Liar 2, you pick. After all, we are in the process of destroying two lives so what difference does it make? In a word, Holland and Idov will both always be “Mom and Dad.” In the end, it is also about the money. Holland has millions; she is the one with the money and the ability to destroy Idov, one dollar at a time. This too is a part of the job of Lurch and Bakman, to try and convince the court by all means necessary to cut off all finances. Or at least most of Idov’s ability to live as he once did. After all, Holland is the bread winner. After all, it is important to make a “conflict” when in fact there was none! Truth? Silly, this is a Domestic Violence case in which it does appear Allan Idov placed himself in a bad position. And some “clever lawyering” is going to bring another “Dad” down. A little like someone went ahead and swung that bat, and Idov missed the swing.

Judge Juhas will decide as to whether the DV order is going to remain, up to 5 years, or dismiss it all together. Everyone will know in less than 72 hours of this story what Judge Juhas’s decision will be. Bakman’s last comments to the court were one often heard when Bakman is loading his slingshots….. “court of appeals.” Why not appeal? That will be even more money! Let’s keep this DV ball in the air if you can and bill those hours! Hell, why not when you have a client like Tracy Holland? “She has the money.”



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July 12, 2017
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  1. Lisa says:

    Great story. You really captured the essence of Eau de la shit!!! Xoxo Lisa

  2. John J. Nazarian says:

    I thought I would never hear of this case again, I was in for a few hours and done! After all I had the client with ” No Money “…..and then poof! I get fucked with indirectly with BULLSHIT! And now I am sure I have a great conflict, we all can have one now!
    Good Job Ms. Meyers, amazing turning around of fortune….certainly an incredible judge was helpful. Judge Juhas is one of the most respected in the country and I am assuming he is also a ‘bullshit’ detector also.

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