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As many of my followers can certainly attest to I have been lost in the weeds for a few months. Every good writer runs into a flat space and can’t seem to catch a story that interest him or her. For me, I just had no desire. I think getting that Medicare card gave me blurry vision for a few months. Lost in so much that I have been traveling a great deal all over the United States with a client and actually having a great time and getting paid! Imagine, working for someone and having a great time too……….Wow! I think that in 24 years that is a first!

Well, as I was roaming around the the Panarama Cafe on the 9th floor of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles who do I come across? Tigran Palyan, Esq. Tigran was an associate at the once famous law firm of Trope & Trope. Now I will say this and with all sincerity, Trope & Trope was “yuge” (I am feeling Trump-like) and none more influential in the day when it came to DIVORCE, 60 years.

Trope & Trope had lots of “associates.” Associates only real reason for existing was to bill time and hours, or is that the same? There were a few associates in the “arena” at T&T that had taken the time to learn the law and have the ability to stand in front of a judge and present a case. After all, if, and I say if, you had the ability and needed to be groomed there was no one better then to watch and listen to then Sorrell Trope. Watching and listening to Sorrell Trope was one of my favorite things to do in my early years.

Tigran Palyan, Esq, was the “quiet guy” always watching and listening, generally standing off to the side or in the back. Contrary to what some might say, I speak my mind and say what I feel like saying and always tell the truth on this site. And here I go again. I might be the first to say, from the darkness of a “coal mine” comes a diamond! Please don’t start to tap your finger and shake your leg, Tigran Palyan did in fact become one of the “diamonds” to fall from the Trope & Trope empire.

In Southern California today, the industry of DIVORCE law as I have stated many times is changing. Most of the old timers are building moats and rose hedges to try and keep the grim reaper from visiting. Good luck fellas! The “sole practitioner” is taking a “yuge” chunk of the DIVORCE business that the big firms once dominated for years. We at DESPERATEEXES.com predicted this years ago.

Hiring a guy like Tigran Palyan, you are going to get 5 star treatment from a highly trained DIVORCE lawyer at a very very fair hourly. And is that not the biggest complaint that many of you bitch and moan about, the costs? (Oh No! I get it, we in the DIVORCE industry should take all the grief and misery a client can throw at us and get paid minimum wage. Not happening) Some of the biggest names in the world of DIVORCE got their start at Trope and Trope and have had some great runs. Tigran Palyan, Lawyer, it is our belief, will continue his success in the years to come.

Getting ready to hire a DIVORCE lawyer? Give Tigran a call at 818-230-2656, or visit his office, Palyan Law Family Law Attorney at 500 N. Brand Boulevard, Suite 2350, Glendale, California 91203

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