Another Bite Please?

What other news agency has an office at one of the largest courts in L.A. County? (Stanley Mosk) TMZ does of course. I am sure I am one of many that wonder how did that come about? However, as they say on the farm “first at the trough gets good eating.” So, for many, it is no surprise that the news about Southern California rich and silly gets on TMZ fast and quick.

One funny thought came to me the other day when I was reading what is now called news, at least it is real news on TMZ, ridiculous but news. Well, Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife is asking for $60,000,000.00 for Harvey murdering her soul! The accusations are rambling and sound more like sour grapes on steroids! Steve Harvey is everywhere and has to be making major bank.

Maybe the second bite will be better

“The document was not filed by a lawyer, but rather a woman who tells us she is Mary’s “civil rights activist.” Poor Mary’s divorce was finished, done, signed and delivered in 2005! I can smell the plot as I sit, read and type! It would also seem obvious in a town with as many bottom feeding DIVORCE lawyers as Los Angeles has none of them wanted to shoot the dice and take this case on “The Hope.” The Hope that some judge would make the “X” pay her legal fees. Sooooooo, Mary found some nit wit to file this clever attempt to come back for a second bite from that apple. Pssssssst, never ever going to happen. Just my opinion.



I got da money!

Note: DIVORCE in Los Angeles is spinning and morphing to some degree it is re-inventing the whole get rich process. With the exception of a few large firms, such as Meyer Olson Lowy & Meyers or Hersh Mannis, it is looking like sole practitioners are in style. Over the years I have spoken of this occurring, and it has. Another “animal” has surfaced, large civil firms are opening “DIVORCE” sections and scooping up some of the old “Riff Raff” from DIVORCE firms that have imploded or are just gone away. And I must say the “mighty” have fallen on their faces. Yup, they have, however with pockets full of cash!

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