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The other day I had one of my best days ever while visiting one of my old stomping grounds, The Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Los Angeles. Having been so darn busy all over the United States as well as in other countries, I had not been in the place for close to 6 months! It was actually fun, “fun,” I learned a great deal in this courthouse as well as courts all over the United States. All I do is sit, listen, take notes and learn how the system works and if I do it often enough, I can predict what some judges will do or not do. Watching and Learning.

In my day, we use to park the wagon and lay under it....

In my day, we use to park the wagon and lay under it….

My original reason for visiting the ‘Stanley’ was to serve papers on an old hooker. Hey, don’t blame me that is what she is now. She was likely a great looker at one time, not a great occupation with long-term benefits unless you marry one of your customers. She still had ‘the’ look going on and maybe some attitude and those big puffy lips, not cute. The lawyer, whom I was helping out, was standing with a big unpaid bill and she was the ‘plug’ preventing the money to flow. I certainly hope I helped the flow to start. She like so many feels if they don’t accept it all is good, and of course, she did the ‘hesitation’ as I attempted to serve the papers on her. So onto the floor, they dropped, service complete! It will be tough to say “ I was never served .“

Well, I had not been in Department 2 in a very long time. I loved the place when the Honorable Scott M. Gordon was presiding, not so much for his replacement. The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis is the presiding judge. Judge Lewis was at long cause for awhile and is back where he should be. And once again Judge Lewis is the one, that if you are a judge trying to learn, this is the place. Hell, I learned watching Judge Lewis! The calendar was cleared, no BS’n from lawyers. If a lawyer is looking confused, Judge Lewis helps them get the move on! For the litigants, honest and sincere advice given to those who sit in front of “ The Judge.”

You know, I have been around long enough to remember when it was the “Gordon – Lewis” show. Not a show like a movie, play or a TV show, no not at all, it is a show by men who knew what and how to have fun in a court division. At times under terrible times of ‘cutbacks’ and doing more with less. Judge Lewis is still giving sage advice and direction to those who are about to slip into ‘The Divorce Won’t End Trap.’ Judge Lewis was attempting to give direction and to ‘ light ‘ the way for all to see what these litigants are sliding quickly into.

Gotta shake n bake for that money to make

Gotta shake n bake
for that money to make

One litigant ( a Dad ) was in Dept.2, ‘pro per’ and thought he had a deal with the X aka ‘Mom’ ( I believed him ) and when asked by Judge Lewis a simple question the answer was “no.” That question was ‘ do you have the agreement in writing?’ And if it is ‘not in writing it never happened.’ This Dad trusted that he and Mom did make an agreement and it was all just hope, nothing in writing. This is a custody issue that has been going on for more than ten years! ‘Dad’ spoke to me outside, he recognized me as the writer and founder of He told me that he had a big shot lawyer years ago and spent ‘thousands of dollars’ and got no place. He told me that being ‘pro per’ was working alright as he was learning the ropes. ‘Dad’ in this case it would appear is telling the truth, my feeling. ‘Mom,’ had a child with him, remarried, and is getting out of that relationship and is pregnant again with a new, 3rd guys baby!!! The mentality of ‘Mom’ is that of a ‘B-Girl’ in Subic Bay! Pretty disgusting when you think about it for any ‘ Dad ‘ to have to fight this hard against a ‘Mom’ who knows well how to use her ‘money-maker’… knee jerk reaction to this matter.

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Can my day get any better? Well, it does. Who do I see? The Honorable Judge Amy Pellman. Judge Pellman is back at the Stanley Mosk, department 44. Welcome home, Judge Pellman! Judge Pellman had been at the Mosk for years and then was assigned to dependency court. Judge Pellman did well at that assignment, as kids have always been her focus both prior as a lawyer and as a Superior Court Judge! I assure you it will be nice to have Judge Pellman’s experience and knowledge back in Family Court.

While hanging out, I spoke at length with Gary Fishbein and his daughter who is also a ‘Divorce’ lawyer, pretty cool. However, it is the kids of many of the ‘old timers’ in DIVORCE law that are working along parents. Fishein as mentioned, Lisa Helfend Meyer’s son, Rick and Carole Flam’s son, Dennis Wasser’s daughter, Ira & Abby Friedman’s son…..don’t ever say the kids who became lawyers did not pay attention as to where the money is!

On another even more interesting note, we at Nazarian and Associates are in our 24th year of providing security and investigative services to clients around the world. 24 years, I have not an idea where the time has gone and when asked my thoughts of ‘retirement’? I am just an ‘ old guy ‘ trying to make it to the end…….


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