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Many people, when facing the DIVORCE monster, begin their search where? Many come to to read and look into my recommendations and “critiques” on the lawyers playing the game in So. Cal. And some end up on the Westside, that is on the other side of the hill. Oh, the Westside is the home of most of the biggies. Now we are seeing a resurgence of, you guessed it, the “Valley”. Some on the Westside have looked down their noses at the lawyers and their practices in the “Valley”. Have I mentioned Anat Resnik? Read on, this could be one of our biggies for 2016. A N A T!

Well, for many years we have had Brot and Gross, been sitting in their big ass office suites way up high at Ventura and Sepulveda. Ron Brot and his partner, Mark Gross, built a nice niche for themselves and a very successful practice. These guys are big and have been around for years.

Now we have Judy Bogen, one of the biggest lawyers on the Westside now making her practice here in the Valley. I understand that she is as busy as she wants to be and does not miss that miserable commute over the hill twice a day. Frankly, she looks a whole lot less stressed and is still one hell of a problem for anyone on the other side of Bogen’s wrath. Bogen is one of those lawyers that if you can’t hear her, she will do her best to be sure you can hear her and you won’t forget the experience. Have I mentioned the Law Offices of Anat Resnik?

She is as cool as a cucumber and knows the law

She is as cool as a cucumber and knows the law

Another power player in the valley is Anat Resnik, 15760 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1160, Encino, California 91436. Anat has the ability to make many of the “Westside gang” bring their “A” game. She is as cool as a cucumber and knows the law. She is a player in court, and outside if a deal needs to be struck! Her office is very comfortable and it works. You will be let in and then made comfortable just like all the real big joints. Anat will come out and greet you herself and get you moving in the right direction. It is that personalized service that she is famous for. Anat Resnik will not disappoint in her ability and her support staff. You are in great hands, and you might even save a few bucks. Oh, don’t get me wrong, no one is working for free here folks. Good lawyering requires “funds” and you, the litigant, need to wrap your head around the idea that DIVORCE is going to cost someone, most likely you, and you need to be prepared.

One of Anat’s associates is Monique Soudry Gorman. Monique is always present to walk you through the maze and nightmare of a DIVORCE. Monique has a great background. While in school, and after passing the BAR, Monique worked at her mother’s office. Ros Soudry, Esq. retired a few years ago and her legacy lives on with her daughter, Monique.

What you get here at the Law Offices of Anat Resnik is very personalized service and a team that knows the law. As always, and I am always right on these selections, you will not be disappointed with Anat Resnik. Give her a call, 1-818-990-1405

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