The Gold standard of Functions

The September 24, 2016, Family Law Dinner Dance will go down in the books as the gold standard of how to throw a very cool function. Judy Bogen really fixed a problem that just kills these functions, horrible food and drink and miserable accommodations! Levitt & Quinn will be eternally known for the worst food on the planet at their money grabs. They should write a book on how they consistently serve total crap to their guest who shows up to give them money. I was informed by several that I had missed nothing and that the food was just as bad as it always is at this years benefit a few weeks ago. The only way I will ever attend this event again is if I am flying over the building and fall through the roof after falling out of my plane.

mmmmmmmm....won't find this at that other function.

mmmmmmmm….won’t find this at that other function.

Back to Judy Bogen. Judy was so concerned as to the quality of the food that it made her request a tasting menu. This was to be assured that the food would be served correctly and at the correct temperatures. The appetizers were just the beginning. The ones that were supposed to be warm, warm. Those that were to be chilled, chilled. Can you imagine! And the apps were delicious. The two bars had all top shelf adult beverages, and the wines were equally yummy. The salad at dinner was dressed nicely and chilled. Then came the bone in steaks, hot and delicious. All of this was for 300+ people. The room, the tables, utensils, dishes all done with a little class and it showed. Great job Judy, and to the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, great food and great service and staffing!

Ron Brot and Mark Gross were present with their wives and could not have been more gracious. I was sitting at their table along with some of their staff. Note: Ron Brot, Benjamin Valencia, and Lisa Helfend Meyer when these three titans of law throw a party hang on, it is going to be a great event. All the big firms were present and had bought tables and the evening was very festive. All was going really nicely. Sorrell Trope was present to accept the Sorrell Trope Family Law Institute Award. Sorrel spoke and gave his thanks and looked great. Prior to accepting the award, it was presented by an individual who, in my opinion, spoke way too much, again! Those at my table had eaten almost their entire steak and the speech was grinding on the evening. When the gentleman stopped speaking some wanted to applaud, the rest it appeared had dozed off.

Lynette Berg Robe, Lawyer, was presented the Spencer Brandeis Award. This too was a speech that was a little long in the tooth, but how often do you get one of these awards? So I guess a long rambling speech seems ok. I was really glad I had attended, I had never heard of Ms. Robe. Many present, along with some judges, knows of her and her work. There were two fun speakers who did not suck the air out of the room. The Honorable Judge Kathleen Thompson, Ret. was fun to hear her memories of Lynette when they were both young. Then it was the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis. Judge Lewis is always entertaining. I especially love the delivery when Judge Lewis is sitting on the bench when he delivers his words of wisdom. This evening, Judge Lewis mentioned some points in his speech that had to make many wonder about what he said. It certainly hit home for me.

Just remember Bogen, Brot, Valencia, L.H. Meyer…if you are ever invited to one of these folks functions or home for a party, consider it a lucky time and attend, there will never be any disappointments!

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