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Say what you will about me, I could care less. Pick a number, stand in line and talk all the shit you want! For over 23 years I have done the impossible in solving problems for the rich and famous so many times that I sometimes read what some say about me and giggle. Seldom are they close as to how we do what we do, that is what makes it soooo special!

When in doubt, the pros call me and it costs but the job gets done. Just don’t bust my chops, as I have zero tolerance for lawyers who don’t know whether they are going to shit or piss! After all, I do “God’s Work” and have been very successful for many years. I hope that God continues to smile upon me and my capers!

We have not been visiting the “Palace of Perjury” in several weeks. I often visit once or twice a week and watch the world of DIVORCE first hand. Instead, I have been working on the family ranch. 200 tons of rock later, and several hundred desert plants, we are finished and the result is stunning! There are aspects of our gardens and pool that remind me of the Four Seasons. Pretty cool I have to admit. Now back to “stunning,” I decided to visit the “Stanley.” I went to check out one of my favorites, Judge Byrd. We are hoping all goes well, she is a great lady and not a bad judge either!

Stunning, that word works really well at my next stop, Department 84, The Honorable Judge Armen Tamzarian. The last time I wrote about this jurist was March 19, 2014, and I liked him then and I love him now. He is still making references to “pies and slices.” If ever there was ever going to be a courtroom for the .99 cent store gang, it would be this one. Warning, if you are a lawyer and plan on getting real rich on your client’s dime, you better get your money before coming here, as requesting this court for fees you better be reasonable. If you are going to be cute, don’t hang out here! Judge Tamzarian makes it clear to the litigants of the costs of the actions they are taking, or thinking of taking. (this is the new deal, the days of the fat cats are coming to an end in getting huge fee awards)

and I owe the lawyer more money why?


He advised two litigants that what they were asking for, and the manner they would try to achieve this, would eat up more in fees than what they were asking for in an adjustment in support. I thought this was pretty cool. More and more judges are doing this, this being to advise those who stand before them the financial pitfalls they could suffer if they make bad decisions. Some litigants have gone broke and find themselves in pro per.

It is very obvious to me that Judge Tamzarian is not pleased with outrageous fees and costs. This was evident on my first visit to Dept. 84. Several times today, 9-19-16, this jurist made the litigants aware of what they could end up with. Judge Tamzarian spoke to one couple of the pie and how they could end up with “slivers” and their lawyers would get the rest. This is not an exact quote, but as close as I can get.

Today we had Mark Kaplan, from Schuchman & Kaplan, and Michael B.Hanasab, partner with Jamra & Jamra. They were in rare form. Hanasab was representing Moez Khorshndi, M.D. and Kaplan was representing Lida Khorshndi, who made off with $500,000.00 and admitted it! The primary issue and concerns here was that of trust. The good Doc did not trust his soon to be X wife as to her dealing with a hotel that they own and many of the customers pay cash…..LMAO! Cash, how do you hide cash? Easy is how you hide cash, but how much do you stash?

dreams of sweet sweet fees.....

dreams of sweet sweet fees…..

Judge Tamzarian appeared to give Lida enough rope that if she slips she will hang herself in this court. While the $$$$ was being tossed around it was revealed that the Dr. Khorshndi earns a reported $70,000.00 a month! $500,000.00, $70,000.00… I thought I noticed some lawyers salivating. You know, sugar plums dancing in a child’s dream. Fees!!!!

Again, Judge Tamzarian made it clear, very clear, that he wanted the attorneys to pick “3 Bean Counters, not those accounting firms the family law lawyers use,” making a jester of cranking as in printing money. The forensic accountants are the Grandest of all Pirates, they make tons of money and seldom get the bad PR that the rest of us get. Once again, this judge is making it clear that there will be no get rich schemes taking place in his court.

Awwww...is he picking on you?

Awwww…is he picking on you?

Through the afternoon, Kaplan and Hanasab traded jabs. At one point Kaplan requested the judge to admonish Hanasab for making “Tee Hee Hee” noises I am guessing under his breath. Judge Tamzarian glossed over the whining as he has bigger fish to fry. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Khorshndi left the court this day, having got their day in court. This, too, is very important to Judge Tamzarian. Lida got to figure out what she can take and not get caught, having an accountant checking the books at the hotel, and Moez, he is going to have sleepless nights over what all of this is costing him. The upside folks is this, Judge Tamzarian will not be pleased with any financial shenanigans from anyone, lawyers, and the litigants.

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