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Finding good legal advice when it comes to DIVORCE in the San Fernando Valley is sometimes like trying to find “good” fried clams! Damn near impossible and this is, unfortunately, true more often than not. We here at are in constant contact with people searching for help with DIVORCE matters and do not want to go to Beverly Hills, Century City or downtown Los Angeles.

I have some great news!!! Judy Bogen,Esq., after more than 30+ years, has decided to stay closer to home and open an office in the Valley! Judy Bogen has to be one of the most aggressive lawyers who will go that extra mile for her clients in a manner that at times is breathtaking. Not happy with your current lawyer, not aggressive enough? Not getting the attention you think you deserve? Here is your answer. But talent and legal services such as this is not cheap, get ready to pay! “Pay Peanuts Get Monkeys,” as a very good friend of mine often tells me. (lhm)

and I didn't spill a drop..

Not a drop spilled.

As we have seen in the last several month’s many DIVORCE lawyers in Southern California have decided to take their practices in a whole different direction. Some to the grave, if you will. Commuting from her home to Beverly Hills and back for over 20+ years was fun perhaps for a few years. In time it wears thin and fast! And when you have a name such as “Bogen,” and an incredible track record such as hers, she could sit in her garage and clients would seek her out!

That commute did it for me. I now work out of my ranch and closed my Beverly Hills office two years ago. I did it for almost 20 years, no mas! Guess what? I have not missed one minute of that insane commute or the Beverly Hills BS. (Los Angeles is the capital of PHONIES and Beverly Hills is like central casting for this ilk) We still spend a great deal of time on the Westside but do so at our own time.

Deliciously Different!

Deliciously Different!

Judy Bogen, Esquire, has more than 30 years experience and to say that Judy knows her stuff, is like saying that NASA knows a little about launching rockets! Judy and I both graduated high school in the same year and we both love Vernors Ginger Ale! (what this has to do with anything, I have no idea) Judy’s practice has moved into more of a “boutique” practice and serves her clients from all over the world. Judy has reinvented the term “Personalized.” Hire Ms. Bogen, get Ms. Bogen!!! Judy’s practice has been an international practice for many years. For a very hands-on approach as well as highly qualified, experienced legal advice and strategy, call Judy, 818-788-8100 at her office located at 15260 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1500, Sherman Oaks, California 91403

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