Thank you Sorrell!

After almost 67 plus years Sorrell Trope, Esquire has decided it is time to blow the candle out. A few weeks ago the rumor became real when staff were informed of the decision that Trope and Trope, LLP was shutting it all down. Having no heir apparent to the “Trope Empire,” after all is said, in the end, this was a one man show. Sorrell is the guy who damn near invented DIVORCE law in Southern California today and likely the entire State of California. Sorrell Trope, Esquire will always be a legend. Knowing him as well as I think I do, he would find the word “Legend” with a frown.

I get along with everyone I work with, trust me.

I get along with everyone I work with, trust me.

We at knew that things were changing, and not for the best. Over the last several months the “jungle” was grumbling. Of course, we heard the usual rumors and we also noticed “partners” were retiring or actively searching options (yes, we here know what you were doing) and trying to move on. Associates who had been employed for years at Trope and Trope were moving into the private arena. This too was attention getting and the rumors began to get more interesting. Again, Sorrell Trope was the founder and the brains of this firm, the partners were not a “traditional partner,” most for window treatments and appearance. And as I was told recently “Father Time” is a tough guy to beat…..he never loses.

In my early days (23 years ago) Sorrell Trope gave me some pretty solid advice that will remain private. That advice Sorrell gave to me allowed me to build an agency that remains at the top of the heap in the United States today and as I type this report, in other countries. Thanks again Sorrell!

Gold watch, diamond ring, I ain't missin' not a single thing.

Gold watch, diamond ring,
I ain’t missin’ not a single thing.

Back in the day Trope and Trope was the go-to firm in Southern California. When you went to the Stanley Mosk you always saw Steven Knowles, Ron Rale, Melanie Shornick, Myrka Royston and so many others the place was packed with Trope and Trope lawyers. All of them well dressed as was the expectation. Without question, Sorrell Trope is the best dressed male lawyer in Southern California. Some attempt to copy him but few make the grade.

An interesting note. Many of the biggest lawyers in private practice today in Southern California got their starts at Trope and Trope. The list is too big to mention all of the names. One name that comes to mind is Susan Wiesner. When I spoke to Susan she still remembers fondly her time with Trope and Trope. Whatever Ms. Wiesner learned at Trope and Trope she became a power broker in the world of DIVORCE in Southern California and continues to this very day.

Of course my panties are in a  bunch! They are also full of shit....

Of course my panties are in a bunch! They are also full of shit….

Over time, as it happens, people in these big firms get their panties bunched up in their butt cracks over some of my work for others. Note: Keep in mind, that many of these large firms are literally snake pits. The associates, and some of the partners, never really know where they stand. This is true in many of the big firms, attorneys act like hungry dogs getting fed. Growling at each other, hiding their bones and pissing on each other’s work at every opportunity. This is a FACT, folks! 1 or 2 of those people were much closer to Sorrell than I was. And over time I got less and less work from Trope and Trope. Not bitter at all, you might say watching the antics of some of these incompetent fools was great for and our readership. And we did write about Ms. Kiley of the Brittany Spears debacle. That was, in my opinion, a disaster. Sarah Engelbert, possibly the queen of incompetence, perhaps she has gotten better now. I doubt it. This is the WingNut that thought it was funny to fuck with me personally for no reason other than to be cute! That, of course, was her first mistake. Where ever she is now, at least those people are smart enough to keep her out of a courtroom by herself.

Pen and notepad in hand,  I'll be reporting on you...

Pen and notepad in hand, I’ll be reporting on you…

I want to thank all of you who sabotaged Nazarian and Associates work with Trope and Trope. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you and now that some of you are looking for work our phones are ringing asking me what I thought about some of you. And I discussed at length what losers you are and the way you interact with clients (smile). The fact that many of you have NO BOOK OF BUSINESS…and now you will set up shop on your own and likely will sink like a lead weight. We are looking forward to that too. Can you imagine, you screwed with me for years and now you are no longer protected by Sorrell Trope. Oh my god, a few of you fucked with me for no reason, I will now give you plenty of reasons for your behavior. When you see me in court with my trusty notebook and pen, you should be uncomfortable, I will be reporting on your incompetence, of course, your unshined shoes, your horrible hair cuts, and did I mention incompetence?

I will miss Sorrell Trope, the guy that put me on a course and gave me some very sage advice. For much of the crew that found shelter and a paycheck working at Trope and Trope, standby! We here at will be watching and posting any interesting post that may come to the surface for our reader’s entertainment.

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