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He’s Still Alive

Tweet Here it is almost ten years later and Patrick McDermott is alive and well and living in Mexico. I, and only I, came to that conclusion, again ten years ago. I and my son Mike. Mike was the guy

They Found Him……..again

Tweet “He is alive and well AS WE STATED 10 YEARS AGO…”  John J Nazarian ……………………… More than a decade after his mysterious disappearance investigators claims the former partner of Olivia Newton-John has been found alive and well in rural

John Unleashed March 13, 2016

Tweet John’s guests tonight were forensic psychologist Dr. Glenn S Lipson,, and Author and Attorney Frederick Lane By John Nazarian ©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator March 13, 2016 All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in

Hotel Stale-Air

Tweet Saturday night, March 5, 2016 I and a few friends decided to celebrate a very close friends birthday by going to the Hotel Bel-Air. This had been a place of pleasant dining experiences and good times. And like most