What Do You Mean We Are Broke?

Where do I start? I walked into department 6 over at the Stanley and was pleasantly surprised to see a “real judge” seasoned by years on the bench. When I say real judge, what I am seeing is a “Judge.” I am visiting the world of Judge Rolf Michael Treu. His home town is listed as Bremen, Germany. Call Central Casting and ask for a judge for a movie and Judge Treu would likely show up. I even began to see James Cagney sitting in handcuffs and on the bench is Judge Treu.

Judge Treu was admitted to the BAR in 1975 and appointed to the bench by then Governor Pete Wilson in 1995. Judge Treu was assigned to the “old” West Covina Municipal Court, then in 2001 his honor was assigned to the Superior Court. Well, I am a little late to this flag waving as Judge Treu has been around for what must seem like forever. This is the guy who dropped kick the L.A. Teachers Union right into the crapper, and hit the flusher! And I might add was right on the money.

Justice is Blind....

Justice is Blind….

Well today was different. Prior to doing my research on the “Honorable” one, I realized he was different. First, I could not miss the incredible high back chair he sits on. Very nice. This is the nicest chair I have seen in court other than some of the Federal judges, they have some great chairs. Folks, if I was a judge you can bet I too would have one hell of a chair. It adds so much to the look and the image. As if that was not enough, when I looked to the left of the bench there is a large statue! No, I am serious here. There is a four foot statue of “Justice is Blind.” These are nice touches, very nice! Sure, nice things to look at before you feel something in a black robe chewing on your shin.

ooooooo...look at the purty confetti...

ooooooo…look at the purty confetti…

The litigants were very interesting too. We have Mr. Richard R. Irvin, Pro Per and his former, as in X, wife Helene who is rep’d by a well known law firm and that firm will remain nameless due to the embarrassment factor. This guy Irvin is supposedly broke after having burnt through 30 plus million dollars and had to live in a car. And yes, you guessed it, he is broke. Well, it was reported that Mr. Irvin has a JD degree. This I will promise you, after watching him throw snow balls this afternoon, he never really worked as a lawyer. When asked to put things in “legal terms,” he would “morph” into Rip Taylor and throw snowballs of confetti.

On the other side is his wife’s legal team. One fellow dresses like a homeless person, his suit looks like he stole it from a real tall “hobo” and the cuffs literally drag on the floor behind him. This is very odd. Sitting in second seat is a very attractive lawyer who the last time I saw her she was an “associate” at a very large firm. Well, we have one guy who appears very smart but is hard to look at. However, the female member of the duo on this is very easy on the eyes and is treading water as fast as she can and is still “swallowing,” water that is.

We be cool...

We be cool…

There are times that The Honorable Judge Treu is morphing into my friend Anthony Hopkins, I swear! His verbal comments at times sounds like Hopkins. His facial expression at times of “disgust” has to be the contempt for the three stooges sitting in front of him. Remember, this guy is the real deal, a judge who knows all the games and protocol. At one point, Irvin lets out a “Thank You.” Treu looks down on him and tells him, “DO NOT THANK ME.” The financial genius shrinks into this seat and shuts up for awhile. Watching this group, the Rich Pro Per, and the two practicing lawyers, almost seems like they could step into a sequel of “Dumb and Dumber and Dumb some more.”

And I always fill my ballroom The event is never small The social pages say I've got The biggest balls of all

And I always fill my ballroom
The event is never small
The social pages say I’ve got The biggest balls of all

Judge Treu called a side bar and you could almost see him seething at the incompetence that is taking valuable space in front of him. Cutting to the chase, what we had here was a guy that, if I had to guess, has stashed the cash and is now broke and disabled, you have a lawyer who looks homeless and you can hardly hear him when he speaks (I have never heard so many requests for the record to read back to remind what people had just stated 10 seconds before) and the bright spot is the young associate that has found some “brass balls” and is taking her shot.

The outcome of all of these shenanigans is the hope that maybe the X will get the insurance policy, or not. There is nothing else. One of the litigants is on dialysis and the reality is that you are on deaths door, and in maybe 5 years it will be dirt nap time. I am just giving my humble opinion and that is when someone is hoping for a well deserved Jack Pot.

A little back ground on the litigants. Note: these two did not get all of this cash but it is in “the” family.

Garda has immediately declared it will file a defamation suit against Richard Irvin, who came to Garda as an executive after he and his family sold California-based ATI Systems (sometimes referred to as AT Systems), a cash logistics business, to Garda last year for $395 million.

“…Garda and the CEO’s attorneys are examining all possibilities to obtain compensation for damages resulting from Mr. Irvin’s slanderous statements. Furthermore, Garda refuses to take seriously such ridiculous allegations that resemble the plot of a bad Hollywood movie.The company will pursue all legal remedies in responding, including a defamation suit against Mr. Irvin and his wife.”

According to reporting done by The Globe and Mail’s Bertrand Marotte, Irvin has also filed a wrongful termination suite that seeks $5 million in compensation.


Richard R. Irvin joined the executive team of Garda in April 2007 as the President of Cash Logistics for the US and Canada.Mr. Irvin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics as well as a J.D. Degree in Law.On a more personal note he was a three time All-American at UCLA in the sport of volleyball and …”

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