Good Luck Ms. Kim

Seeing that I am on a roll here for seasoned “associate lawyers” who were once members of big firms now seeking fame and fortune on their own, meet my friend Soo J. Kim, Lawyer. Soo J. Kim is also a former associate of Trope and Trope and left almost 2 years ago. For no other reason other than to move forward on her own path in the arena of DIVORCE.




Soo J. Kim, Lawyer

Soo J. Kim, Lawyer

Soo J. Kim is located close by at 11620 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 900 Los Angeles, California 90025. Over the last few years I recall having Ms. Kim on the other side and what an annoyance she was. I say this with a smile, she is small and mighty and will stand on her “position” and not move. This is a good quality, as the last thing you are going to want is a DIVORCE lawyer who has no plan. Or that will change positions like the weather and cost you in fees. And before I forget, she has a real presence in a courtroom. Remember folks, this is a talent that not all lawyers have. Soo J. Kim is not bashful to make her thoughts known and in a lawyer, this is a good thing.

As luck would have it, Ms. Kim speaks Korean and is very knowledgable in two different cultures. This, too, is a commodity and put people at ease in speaking their own language.

Soo has been around and for personal reasons (all good) was looking forward to venturing out on her own. We at wish Ms. Kim all the best of luck, and in saying that, I was told once “we make our own luck.”


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