Click Beep Ooops!

Talk about an “ooooops” moment! What one time big, and I do mean big time, divorce lawyer attempted to tape record a sitting superior court judge? We have been told that the “lawyer” was in the chambers (a place a judge sits when not on the bench, noun: judge’s antechamber, judge’s anteroom, judge’s court chamber, judge’s private office, judicial chamber, judicial office, judicial room) when this was attempted.

For anyone who is lucky enough (non lawyer) to even get invited into such a place one needs to be on the best of behavior. For some nit wit who had been a practicing DIVORCE lawyer to even think of pulling this off is pretty stupid……..but maybe he thought it was going to be cute?

Again, this is hearsay, but we are told that during a meeting with the judge, a “click” or a “beep” went off and the secrecy was over…………….more to follow once we get more facts!

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By John Nazarian
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July 12, 2015
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