My Three Heroes

Over the last 22 years working in the private sector of investigations and security some have asked where did I find the motivation and or direction? This is a tough and miserable way to make a buck, and in the end that is what we do, make a buck. Well it is funny that to this day, without a single doubt, China Town with Jack Nicholson is still the finest example, even today, of the ups and downs of being a Private Investigator. Not a question in my mind and the years in the gutters of this so called profession can I think of a finer example.

One of my earlier mentors was, of course, my good friend who is now working out of a very nice mansion in heaven, Hal Lipset, one of the best of the best. Hal, who died in 1997, lived in a 25 room mansion in Pacific Heights of San Francisco. There will never ever be another private “eye” such as Hal Lipset. Hal gave me some good advice, as in the early days of my career. I too worked San Francisco in my early days, not out of a 25 room mansion but “a room,” in the seedy parts of China Basin. It was nice and cozy for me and a gaggle of pet rats that I kept outside in cages by the door of the office. “Fay” was my female rat, who would give me 60 off spring who all looked like “Ben,” my first male rat at the time….good thing I was there when “Ben” munched his last peanut as his offspring would have likely munched his carcass. Almost like when a “P.I.” stumbles or misses a step, the peons and piss ants right there waiting to take a nibble!

28th Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California.

28th Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California.

Even as a young man I had some great contact with potential mentors. One was Peter J. Pitchess, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County. The word legend has to be used here, trust me. I met Sheriff Pitchess and his Under Sheriff, Sherman Block, when I was 16. I would have contact with Pitchess at the old Hall of Justice a few times. The last time was at the now gone Pierce Brothers Mortuary in Eagle Rock, California. It was when Deputy Arthur Pelino was murdered (March 19, 1978) and I had the honor of taking care of Art’s body and preparing him for his final resting place. It was a duty that I felt to Art’s family. I was literally crying as I took care of Art’s remains. This was very difficult for me, but I knew I had to do it. Art had been my mentor, along with Sgt. Bob Warford of the the old Newhall station. (The good Ol’ days if you will) Again, I had the opportunity to speak to Sheriff Pitchess during his arrival at the mortuary and to remind him of my meeting him as a teenager. He was a large man with an even larger image. NO ONE of clear mind would ever screw with Peter J. Pitchess. There would never be a target on his back, it was again the times.

J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover

Another person who I held in high regard but never met was J. Edgar Hoover, a man who knew how to play the game and played it better than anyone since. Again, there will never be another J.Edgar Hoover. Oh for sure I have heard of all the bullshit as to his sexuality and the like. And like many of us who are victimized by technology, it is easy to talk shit from “afar!” However, would these people, any of them, have done it to his face? Very likely not. This is the world of cowards, men with little or no balls and women who do not take care of themselves. These are the people who type away in hovels making ignorant comments. Again, Peter J. Pitches, J.Edgar Hoover, and my final one might shock many of you.



Putin, man of peace

Putin, man of peace

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia, is one tough SOB, and he likes it just the way he planned it. I can tell, and I am sure you can too, if you look very closely. One thing that President Boris Yeltsin did right for his mother land was to place Vladimir Putin, after “firing” his prime minister and placing Putin, a KGB officer, in his place. Damn, he may have had a few drinks too many once in awhile, but could he have done any better? I have to say not. Putin was the man of the hour then and will remain the man of the hour until he is ready to say “I am done.”


Upon resigning, Yeltsin paved the way for the “New and Improved” President Putin. If you look back on my thoughts on Putin, you can read between the lines I really like the guy. Will I ever meet this “third member” of my hero’s list, I don’t know? As to character, I say he is similar to some of our former leaders of the United States, tough and a stand alone guy. He was born October 7, 1952, graduated from Leningrad State University in 1975 and was a KGB officer till 1989. Seems cool to me. Almost like having the head of the CIA take the office of the President of the United States! Whoever that might be, it would be a walk in the park, as you likely would know all the answers as to who you are dealing with. Sheriff Pitches had a similar method, he had SIB….he had records on everyone that needed to be watched.. rich, famous and political opponents. Guess who else did the exact same thing? J. Edgar Hoover. Like it or not, these three guys have very similar management style.

Who's china shop should I next.

Who’s china shop should I invade…shop…at next.

His “controversial ruling” as to “sexual relationships to minors,” we have similar laws here in America. Perhaps it was the manner that Putin handles issues. As a person who was adopted as a child, I may not agree with the thoughts he had on that either. Was it an attempt to not dilute the Russian blood lines? Or was he just pissed at our President Obama? My thinking is likely both. Perhaps true, he is a bit of a bull in a china shop. Problem here folks is it is his china shop. As to the other political posturing, I am not an expert on international matters and do not pretend to be. Another interesting point to consider, I now have family members who speak Russian everyday in my home and in social circles. I have always had friends who spoke Russian and I often handled “issues” in the Russian community. My focus here as to my like or dislike is also irrelevant as to the three men I discuss above. As men of strength and desire to go up against the masses in a time in our world that you could and rise above the fray and succeed.

To a very minute degree I see a little of myself in some of these men. My life, if described, would be similar to that of running a “gauntlet” through life, if you will. From the time I fell from my mothers womb into the cold and cruel world to this very day, a gauntlet it has been. Often, I have reflected that as I ran through the “Hallway of Life,” people, some known and some unknown, would stick their foot out in hopes of watching me fall. Oh for sure, I may have stumbled, but never fell to the degree that some would have hoped. I have had to fight and battle for damn near everything I have earned. My life, my family and now in my final years, perhaps a little more focus and concentration on the important things. What important things are those you wonder? Those “important things” will, of course, remain private, as they should be. I have shared enough.

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