Sugar Plums, Nit Wits and Divorce

I happen to be walking down the hall of the Stanley Mosk courthouse and I notice Alexandra Leichter, Esq, sitting on a bench in the hallway looking like she is counting ‘sugar plums’. She smiles and mentions that she has seen my previous story about her and her cohort. I too smile and begin to realize that I saw Elyse Margolin roaming around and it hits me! Could these two still be doing the marathon of DIVORCES, still in Judge Thomas Trent Lewis’s courtroom still! OMG, can it get any worse than this? Poor Judge Lewis, poor court staff, poor court recorder…. These two have found two suckers who can’t seem to figure out that the ‘Show of Nit Wits’ they are observing is being paid for by them. These two lawyers have hit big time. It is like Christmas in August, October, November and it is going to pay off……both these clients have to have deep pockets or parents footing this ‘Show of Nit Wits’, featuring these two lawyers. Are the litigants just blinded by revenge and don’t mind handing hundreds of thousands of dollars over to ‘Lucy & Ethel’?

It's nutty!

It’s nutty!

Welcome to what has to seem like the DIVORCE proceeding that is not ever going to end. Oh, it will likely end when one side or the other runs out of money! Funny or Sad…..too bad these two lawyer’s clients were not in the courtroom when Judge Lewis gave some great advice. “Litigation can turn into Liquidation.” Judge Lewis told these two former love birds that they cannot afford to do this. This? This, being vacationing in DIVORCE court, it is going to be more costly than the honeymoon suite at the Waldorf. Frankly, watching Margolin and Leichter in action is like watching two people drowning in a sea of stupid and trying to grab the one life ring. Another thought that comes to mind is that watching both Margolin and Leichter is similar to observing a squirrel trying to hide a nut.

Lisa Helfend Meyer

Lisa Helfend Meyer

All of this is happening in the courtroom of one of the best judges to ever sit in a DIVORCE courtroom, The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis. Judge Lewis gave some great advice to the two litigants earlier and then he has to sit and listen to the two lawyers from the Land of Bell. Here we have Ding and Dong. The poor bailiff is looking like he was given a frontal lobotomy and would rather be walking a tier at men’s central during a riot. Sitting and watching these two wizards of DIVORCE is just terrible, painful….Now enter some fresh air. Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lawyer and founder of M.O.L.M., has been appointed ‘minor’s counsel’. I just had a thought. Visualize this, Lisa Helfend Meyer, lawyer, is going to look like a hundred dollar bill in a room full of nickles.

Watching this complete circus of what is supposed to be a DIVORCE trial by these two lawyers is sad. You have to wonder if the two litigants are so blind to the world of revenge and hate that they cannot come to terms with what is happening? They are being fleeced, all at there own hands, not only bad lawyering but bad decision making on their part also. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis will often give advice to litigants to try and think of where this is all going to go. That one comment should be stamped on every page of the application for filing a DIVORCE, “Litigation can turn into Liquidation”, compliments of The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis.

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