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I love free speech. Problem is that it is not free, hundreds of thousands have sacrificed their all for our right to jibber jabber about anything we want. Opinions, they are like belly buttons, everyone has one, some not very intelligent, back to top of the page!

Here is an interesting thought. Just like the auto industry stymied electric car development for as long they could till they could master the process and make it work financially so lies my thoughts on EBOLA.



blanket anyone?

blanket anyone?

There has been an organized attempt for over 20 years (my opinion) to spread this killer virus to all the world, especially to the United States of America. Don’t believe me? Great, put your head back in the sand. It was critical to certain people that this get to our shores through whatever means necessary, and it is here. Congratulations you sons of bitches, and here is another tip. All these health and government officials are telling us in mass ‘not to worry’. All lies, every single word. We as a country were not prepared for a major flu outbreak several years ago. And we are ready for EBOLA? And this thought to kick around as you munch your lunch, Was EBOLA behind the BLACK DEATH?

What we are witnessing live on our television sets is hysteria control. My opinion was that those who arrived should have been bagged and sent back to the land of shit that they came from. All our officials did is exactly what the terrorists were hoping for, open our arms and drag these diseased carcasses into our medical facilities. This is going to make AIDS look like a walk in the park. Remember what I am saying here folks.

the black death

the black death

Do a little research for yourselves. The ‘Black Death’, caused by our friend’s from the plains of central Asia. Oriental rat fleas on the bodies of black rats, regular passengers on merchant ships (now we have supersonic jets with humans doing the jobs of the black rats). The numbers differ depending on whose research you review, 30 to 60 percent of the entire populations of Europe were killed off. Modern day research is making note that this “Black Death” could very well have been an “Ebola-like virus”. Several scholars have written that ‘ships’ (not jet aircraft as we have today) brought the rats from China (4 legged) to Italy and then the rest of the continent. It was spreading 30 miles in 2-3 days. Please do not believe what I am documenting do a little research and if you don’t think this is a master plan, READ IT AGAIN!

You can run and hide....

You can run and hide….

The following is something I have not heard on the news of late, ‘the 40-day period was enough time to ensure the disease finished its incubation period. One of the difficulties in controlling the Ebola virus is that its symptoms start to appear only about five to 22 days after exposure.’ This the world has already seen, ‘people who appear perfectly healthy could be carrying the lethal disease.’ I need to say something. I have often stated that I am glad I am not a cop in the modern day cities that officers have to deal in and I am also glad I am no longer in the funeral industry as an embalmer, all of this is nuts! Just read this little paragraph that I found 🙁 ‘The liquidization of internal organs that causes excruciating pain in Ebola victims matches the descriptions of historical autopsies on plague victims, which similarly describe internal organs being dissolved along with the appearance of a black liquid’ The above is a little something I found on the ABC news on line site. Screening travelers, LMAO, a total waste of time……this is the ticking time bomb many have predicted.

All of these talking heads are doing what they are told to do to calm any potential mass hysteria and again, thank god for free speech and those of us who can read between the lines.

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