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Twins reunited

Tweet They found his twin!

1 Baby daddy…..


Little Bits – Careful what you ask for!

Tweet It was reported to that Attorney David Karton asked Judge Daniel Murphy of the Probate court for $100,000.00 for fees and got a big fat goose egg. Judge Murphy awarded him NOTHING ZERO ZILCH! LMAO. A bold move,

Business is Crashing for some DIVORCE Lawyers

Tweet Oh the wonderful and miserable world of DIVORCE! Over four years ago I did a story about what I had heard and witnessed in a courtroom in Los Angeles. My timing could not have been better, what I heard

John Nazarian will be on KFWB’s Money 101 this Monday

Tweet Once again, John will be appearing on KFWB’s Money 101 tomorrow, Monday, June 23, from 9:30am – 11am Pacific Time. You can catch him on the radio or go to their website,, click on the ‘listen live’ button

Michael Trope from Top Sports Agent to Top Attorney

Tweet I came across an article on one of the attorneys that Rose follows, this one that won the biggest divorce settlement ever in the Lisa and Kirk Kerkorian. Trope, however, had a very interesting life leading up to

Wanted: One Rather Stern Catholic Kindergarden Teacher

Tweet This is a very interesting issue caused and pursued by two families with way too much time and money. We have John Morland-Jones, an oil executive (plaintiff) and Gary Taerk, a psychiatrist (defendant). ‘And how do you feel about