Jackpot…You’re welcome



Making it on DESPERATEEXES.com works, a very large and prestigious law firm landed a great case from being mentioned on DESPERATEXES.com


This was a very good case and the litigants that took the name from one of our stories was thrilled with their results! We don’t lie here folks, we keep it real and the good lawyers get appropriate verbiage from me and the ones that stink, we send them Febreze!


Please, continue.

Please, continue.

This brings up another interesting point, if you don’t like what I have to say about you at DESPERATEEXES.com, TOO BAD! Truth is a defense, and I usually get our information directly from other P.I.s, lawyers and the litigants themselves! Also I spend a great deal of time in the DIVORCE courts listening and taking my notes. So if you are already not one of my favorites, ‘I am listening’.


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