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Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Channels Neville Chamberlain

Tweet Everyone and anyone knows my opinion of the bullying of any child, especially if it involves the sexual orientation of a child or young adult. I have spoken and written my thoughts as to the way I feel about

Little Bits–Angry Divorce lawyers, wild wheels and footwear

Tweet These are the times of ‘angry’ DIVORCE lawyers. One ‘DIVORCE’ lawyer says to another “You really are not a very nice person”…….LMAO, this was said by one of the lawyers who was critical in the Anthony Pellicano case a

John Nazarian to appear in ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood: Lies and Scandals’ Tonight on E!

Tweet John will once again appear in E!’s Secret Societies of Hollywood ‘Lies and Scandals’, Tonight on E! at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Check your local listings and catch John. Follow John J Nazarian On Twitter; follow John on Facebook and

John J. Nazarian “Iwasaki hits one for the Gipper!”

Tweet I wandered into the Honorable Judge Bruce Iwasaki’s courtroom the other day, Department 63. This is the very same courtroom that on December 6, 2013 I was tossed out for being a member of the media. Rather unceremoniously I

‘Little Bits’ is going to be a new feature of

Tweet One of the funniest comments I have heard this week is one DIVORCE lawyer communicates to another DIVORCE lawyer and says, ‘Your fees are excessive’. This is a little like the kettle calling the pot black, is it not!

Jackpot…You’re welcome

Tweet     Making it on works, a very large and prestigious law firm landed a great case from being mentioned on   This was a very good case and the litigants that took the name from one