John Nazarian: This is another sad day….

This is another sad day for law enforcement across America, Sheriff Lee Baca served the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department for 48 years!
Sheriff Baca served 15 years as the sheriff and I for one was very proud to call him a friend. I remember the first day he was to be sworn into office as the sheriff. Myself, Armand Keosian, Judge Keosian and a couple of others had breakfast in Montebello with Lee a few hours before his inauguration.

The unfortunate part is that everyone seems to think they have something to say about issues they have no idea of what they speak. And worse yet they will find someone to carry the ball for them, a politician or a news reporter with a good story in mind or whoever. Inmates want to be treated like first class citizens while incarcerated and deputies need to be very careful not to hurt these assholes when they fight each other in the course of just being inmates trying to kill each other, seems easy, right?  Everything is the deputies fault and thus the sheriff too must be dragged into the free for all as the buck stops with him.

Peter J PitchessI will tell you this, back in the days of Peter J. Pitchess if he had a hankering to throw inmates off the roof of the Hall of Justice the County Board of Supervisors would have cleared the area so as not to damage anyone’s parked cars! This is a fact! No one living or dead would ever mess with Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess, former FBI agent and every time I met him it was almost like speaking to ;god’. Sheriff Sherman Block too was of the same cut except that he too was feeling the change, the warm and fuzzies if you will, and the attitude of a ‘new’ political twist. (I have a photo of myself and Under Sheriff Block as a 16 year old explorer…the good O’l Days) Sherman Block was the under sheriff under Pitchess.

Sheriff Baca is not a man who will run from a fight and as far as I am concerned he has done a great deal of good for the Sheriff’s Office of Los Angeles County. Unfortunately, he trusted one or two people to make the right choices and they violated his trust. It turned out to be a feeding frenzy of mismanagement and Lee recognized it and took the position it was to some degree his fault for not coming down harder on those that failed him.
One of those clowns is considering the run for Lee’s former office, Paul Tanaka. LMAO, really? I am sure that Robert Fateruchi will be enjoying a soft drink and watching and waiting to pounce when and if that ever happens. As much as I adore Robert he has been a thorn in the ass of Lee Baca and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for a few years.

It has been reported that it was in fact Paul Tanaka who single handedly brought Sheriff Lee Baca’s demise, a true virus from within. A great story to read is Gene Maddaus of the L.A. Weekly ‘Too Much Mr. Nice Guy: How Lee Baca Let Paul Tanaka Run Amok in County Jails!” Lee Baca always had a core value to uphold “the dignity of all people”…..this really was who Baca was!

It seemed that Fateruchi was always there with the breaking story of some ‘terrible’ breaking news, that again, in the ‘Good O’l Days’ no one would have given a shit about hearing or reading other than for entertainment purposes! Of inmates being dumb shits and doing the same as they do when they run the streets, it is genetic. A little bit like the internet of today, big mouths with nothing but a big mouth to back up their crap! This is the truth, I left law enforcement in 1990 and I have never looked back. At least now when scum bags and liars try to make themselves heard I can fight back anyway I please, just as long as it is legal. As a cop your hands can be tied. This was the case, I think, at times for Lee Baca, he just had enough and did not need the annoyance of the press and all the do gooders anymore.

Just like pond scum, whale shit, liars and shit disturbers, they all sink like the turds they are! Or ‘someone’ will help flush the toilet to watch the stinking turds twirl around and around and disappear, and they will disappear Lee, trust me! Can’t wait to have dinner with you and your lovely wife! We here at, myself and my family personally will miss you, I am sure you will have some great retirement years and find a whole new world of entertaining things to do. And the best part Lee, no more L.A. Times and for sure, no more Robert Fateruchi. He will be busy with the new bunch who think they will do better than you did. We will see.

May God Bless you, Lee Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County and someone I always considered a friend……..

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