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21 Years Keeping it Real

Tweet Well it really does not get easier with time. Nazarian and Associates is entering its 21st year. 21 years of fun and games with some of the most amazing clients and lawyers anyone could ever imagine that exists in

Divorce Corp Review–John J Nazarian Named Best Character

Tweet Nature may abhor a vacuum, but it seems lawyers also abhor arenas of life untouched by their professional advice or air-quote helpfulness, which goes a long way to helping explain the $50 billion a year cottage industry in contentious

Convicted criminal get to stay, law abiding people get deported..

Tweet Breaking News!!!!! Francis Coyote Shivers, convicted stalker of Pauley Perrette, BACK IN COURT ON Friday the 17th of January 2014! Downtown Criminal Courts Building…… This dog breath ILLEGAL ALIEN was convicted several months ago in a criminal courts building

My Thoughts and a Review….

Tweet For me, ‘Divorce Corp’ has come and gone My good friend Kat Pellicano and I attended with two of my very close friends from the L.A.P.D. I wanted Ken and Lou to be there in the event that any

DivorceCORP–an insider’s view

Tweet For most people who see DivorceCORP – Joe Sorge’s shockingly eye opening documentary on Family Court; the real villain won’t be immediately apparent. For some — in reflection, the real villain still might not emerge at all. The real villain has

John J Nazarian at the premier of Divorce Corp

Tweet John J Nazarian, PI to the Stars, will be at the premier of Divorce Corp tomorrow night, Jan 11. John will be accompanied by his good friend, Kat Pellicano (Anthony Pellicano’s former wife). Follow John J Nazarian On Face