John J Nazarian, the “IT” factor…by Bonnie Russell

The short title for John Nazarian is “security expert.”

Morphing from a private investigator base, John additionally specializes in rectifying dirty deeds stemming from business and love partnership failures. Like most failures; breakdowns and breakups are often precipitated by a single, or series of multiple, dirty deeds. In that regard, John is a dirty deed, excavator. A kind of growly, happy warrior. Not because John loves righting wrongs. He does. But mostly, John likes doing what he does for people who don’t mind writing big checks.

…Seeing the rough cut, I noticed the focus began to narrow towards John. Joe Sorge recognized what every movie must have: The mysterious “It” factor. John has the “It” factor, and likely a high “Q” score.

…I appreciated John’s star turn, including his delivery of what had to be the best line of the movie. Artfully, and with just the tiniest wisp of a whine to explain his high fees, John said,

“I need to put gas in my Rolls Royce”

and drew the biggest laugh of the night. Joe Sorge was smart to use John’s short, humorous takes to capture the divorce and custody industry in a nutshell — and in full. (Which made me think my time would have been better spent honing my comedic skills instead of the 13 years documenting the insanity of family court, here.)

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January 19, 2014
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