Juan Pablo Galavis….Dejar caer el jabón en la ducha de nuevo …

Juan Pablo Galavis, you no talent son of a bitch (Hijo de Puta!) you see my Espanol is not too bad if you will excuse me it is not my primary language. If ‘English is not your primary language’, really? You should have asked for a goddamn translator. “I respect them”. Maybe I should send you a F’n thank you card! Another point, you are American born. Some reason you did not master the language of your birth country? Oh I almost forgot, I have no respect for you, and as a former police officer who happened to have been gay, I used to love to roll up on assholes like you! How many times did I hear, “those fucking faggots”…..I of course took the appropriate action as I was sworn to uphold the law…….




Here is the bright side, as soon as your stint on ‘The Bachelor’ is over, you will fall off the charts and into ‘nowheresville’…..and it will happen. You might think you are cute and adorable now, bulletin, YOU ARE NOT! Further, no question in my mind that you would be questioning your own sexuality if you thought you would not get caught! Don’t tell me you never made a passing glance in that old locker room, Hmmmm?

Do you have any idea what damage your words do to those who feel that gay people are less than human, you Mocoso Baboso?  Why don’t you go and get a shotgun and feel like a man and shoot a few dozen ducks out of the sky!  There are young people and teenagers teetering out there and too many are taking their own lives EXACTLY because of some No Body Like You, screwing with their heads you Bastardo!

I have lost count of the kids parents I have spoken to and whose wonderful kids have taken their lives. Finding death easier than living and being harassed for being gay or even for some to think someone might be gay. Many of us in the gay community and with a little presence and following have tried to turn the tide and allow young gay people to feel good about themselves, and live. We here at DESPERATEEXES.com will be sure to let you know the next time I hear of a kid being attacked or murdered for doing nothing, ‘he or she might have been gay”.

woman_sleeping_pigsABC I am sure will let you finish your stint on that pathetic show you are on and then POOF! You will be gone. The Kardashians will have a longer shelf life than you will ever hope for. One bright spot is you have even less talent than that bunch and thus my prediction for you will be ‘adios’ and I was just practicing my Spanish so please forgive me, here is something for mothers day, Tu madre practica sexo con cerdos. Again forgive me, Spanish is not my primary language. I am trying to say I hope your mother has a nice day on the farm….pinche pendejo!

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January 18, 2014
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