Divorce Corp: It’s All About Making Lawyers Richer, a Review by J.B. Spins

It’s not a gender thing, it’s a lawyer thing. It turns out predatory divorce lawyers and judges congenial to the point of collusion have rigged the system to line their respective pockets. That hardly sounds shocking, but the reality is worse than you imagined, at least according to a new documentary openly advocating a comprehensive overhaul of the American family law system. The lawyers and judges profiting from broken families stand duly indicted in Joseph Sorge’s Divorce Corp (trailer here), which opens this Friday in New York.

…If Sorge and co-writers Blake Harjes, James D. Scurlock, and Philip Sternberg have misrepresented the reality of family law in America, then the Bar Association should produce a rebuttal documentary post-haste. Corp is a compelling indictment, given additional authority by the participation of narrator Dr. Drew Pinsky (who has credibility as an advocate for personal responsibility). To a layman viewer, it comes across quite even-handed and never engages in hysterical hyperventilating.

Still, Corp is not exactly fun stuff, but it is highly watchable, particularly when colorful private detective John J. Nazarian offers his commentary. When he says he would rather go through “death than divorce,” it is pretty heavy. Recommended for legal reform activists and those looking for a justification to stay single forever, Divorce Corp opens this Friday (1/10) in New York at the Quad Cinema.

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January 6, 2014

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