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John Nazarian: A Short Thank you..

Tweet I want to publicly thank the Manhattan Beach Police Department. Again we had the opportunity to be in contact with the police department and again, professional and pleasant. The two officers who assisted could not have been more pleasant.

John Nazarian: Water pistol vs Nukes

Tweet Things at the Mosk could not be better and based on the opinion of lawyers and comments and accolades of other judges, it falls at the feet of Judge Scott M. Gordon, presiding judge. The court now runs its

John Nazarian discusses the three stooges: Dean Esmay – Paul Elam and Tara Palmatier

Tweet Listen to this, the three stooges who appear to be really into playing their parts of ‘Defamation, libel, and reporting false allegations’ to authorities in California are all here. A Voice For Men, should be A Voice For Lunatics!

Justin’s new Belieber is ready for some ‘jailhouse rock’

Tweet Justin Bieber, does it get any funnier than this? Really, could not get arrested in Los Angeles, no problemo in Miami! Think of this, based on mine and several others extensive research, if he is CONVICTED he could be

Where the F*%K did my Rolls go?

Tweet ‘Where the F*%K did my Rolls go?’ Timing is everything and be very very very careful when you say to someone the following, ‘Goldstein, I am not going to pay you one dime’. Well this particular case has been

John J Nazarian, the “IT” factor…by Bonnie Russell

Tweet The short title for John Nazarian is “security expert.” Morphing from a private investigator base, John additionally specializes in rectifying dirty deeds stemming from business and love partnership failures. Like most failures; breakdowns and breakups are often precipitated by

Juan Pablo Galavis….Dejar caer el jabón en la ducha de nuevo …

Tweet Juan Pablo Galavis, you no talent son of a bitch (Hijo de Puta!) you see my Espanol is not too bad if you will excuse me it is not my primary language. If ‘English is not your primary language’,