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Judge Bruce Iwasaki LOVES throwing people out of Homes or Courtrooms..YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE!

Tweet What a day in Department 63 the ‘Honorable’ Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki, who up to today was ‘OK’ with this site, “No Mas”…..all of a sudden this nit wit in a black robe channeling ‘Truman Capote’ decides to throw

John J Nazarian Thrown Out Of Courtroom!!!!

Tweet Today, our own John J Nazarian went into court to continue watching a case he had previously done an article on AND WAS THROWN OUT OF THE COURTROOM, allegedly at the bidding of the same two women who trumped

Dr. Glenn Lipson and Fred Lane are guests on John’s show this week

Tweet Celebrity P. I. John J Nazarian’s guests this week are Dr. Glenn Lipson, forensic psychologist, and Fred Lane, attorney. The subject is an important one, “Teen Bullying” and the escalation that social media have on bullying. How do you

John J Nazarian Hits The Big Screen In Divorce Corp The Film.

Tweet January 10, 2014 Divorce Corp will premiere nationwide with John J Nazarian in it. For more information, go to