Pork Chop Again!

Everyone loves a good story besides me, I got an update that Judge Iwasaki did something intelligent, yes sirree! Yes, lets just call this ‘The Walter’ case and or Jose Lemus v Sonia Gaitan. Heez honor is giving mom one week and dad one week! As it should be and even under the worst of conditions a child needs a mom and a dad in its life……AND remember this folks there was NO REASON THAT THIS LITTLE BOY NEEDED TO BE REMOVED…..not one good reason at all!

Note: When I was a police officer I ran a juvenile division and removed many a child from parents that I felt were not appropriate. And I cried too at times as I knew it was the right thing to do and I had to do it….so don’t get uppity with this reporter here. I know the talk as well as the walk!!! This little boy had no business being removed, it was ALL BULLSHIT from day one, I KNOW!

Now this was not even a serious case, it was a cavalcade of lies and non truths, I KNOW! Once again there is some funny shenanigans going on RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS HONOR!!!!! At this rate Department 63 will be a judicial laugh factory. OMG!!! The good O’l Days of The Honorable Donna Fields Goldstein, they are gone forever, those were the good O’l days! I am getting misty eye’d here, Pelman, Feffer, Schaller, just a few of the great bench officers of the past!

pigThe LAWYERS from Levitt & Quinn were present and representing mom, this is good. Of course being very very careful not to offend anyone as god knows everyone is a potential donor! Now the ONE lawyer (Joan T. Daniels aka Beans) representing dad was not well and was missing in action (and who do you think sits in for Daniels aka Beans?) Catherine Grijalva aka Pork Chop, this women IS NOT A LAWYER! Now if I am wrong here or misinformed please step right up and tell me……..be aware, I am seldom wrong!

Back to Pork Chop, what is it with this runaway beast? Now is she pretending to be a lawyer? Does she not know that she is not supposed to park her fat ass in those chairs? Or is it the usual behavior of ‘I don’t care’.

judge2Now, we all know that The Honorable Judge Bruce Iwasaki has no problem getting rid of a member of the press from his courtroom….You think he knows that there is an IMPOSTER SITTING at the counsel table right in front of him? Pork Chop is not a lawyer, she is not a litigant, and she is certainly not an expert witness unless we need her to testify how ‘weight watchers’ was a waste of money…..sooooo why is she constantly sitting were she is NOT supposed to be?

Good Job, Judge Iwasaki, you at least got something right on this case…..NOW put ‘pork chop’ in the audience!

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