“……. But Wrong Under the Law “

I have been spending very little time at the Stanley as of late. All good. We have been so swamped and equally busy doing appearances for ‘E’ as well as ‘Pod Casts’. There is also the work, OMG we are busy, Thank God for those of you who have incredible practices, THANKS! For the rest of you? A ‘Bronx Cheer’, is there an ‘Armenian’ translation? I am equally anxious for ‘Divorce Corp’ to hit the airwaves and soon!

We stopped in at the ‘usual’ hot spots and I of course landed in Dept. 2, the ‘Kingdom of Gordon’……I knew from the sound of things that all was not well in the ‘valley’ of justice. I had barely sat down and I noticed Judge Gordon place his head in both of his hands. Moments later he sanctioned both litigants sitting in front of him to the tune of $500.00 dollars each. These two I am assuming have nothing better to do than to take the valuable time of the Superior Court. Keep coming back and ignoring the orders and not signing the agreements and taking the ‘time’ of this court and it is going to be getting $$$$$. This time they got to see Judge Gordon’s very serious side, oh he got their attention. I am not sure that a
Spanish translator was not necessary any longer! Gordon has no time for nonsense and he expects things to come to a conclusion and wants to ‘git it done’…..This court has not been this lean and efficient since its inception, my opinion….and those who have walked these halls for over 20 years.

From here I made it to Judge Trent Lewis’ court and as always with a fascination in the tone and speed that Judge Lewis can move a calendar. One lawyer made a comment to me that there are only a hand full of “real judges”, at the Stanley. Gordon and Lewis…….I am not sure I agree, there are several new judges working the DIVORCE circuit and I feel that they are coming along just fine. DIVORCE is as thankless from the bench as it is for the rest of us…..difference? As a judge you can disappear from the litigants till the next appearance……the rest of? Get paid well and earn every dime listening to the nonsense and trying to find the truth and make the right decisions.

Enter, Timothy G. Richardson II, Esquire. Mr. Richardson is with the Mackenzie Law Group, APC. Dressed nicely and having a sense of what is right and what is wrong got Mr. Richardson rolling head on into the line of fire of the Honorable Trent Lewis, Judge! “Sir, you are right as you see it, but wrong under the law”, T.T.Lewis, Judge. Well that was nice, and I have to say, Mr. Richardson was dressed nicely and his shoes too, a total smart package! Richardson had a point from the stand point of what is right and what is wrong, and as a lawyer he also understands then there is the LAW.

The following are some thoughts from the bench of the Honorable Judge Lewis, enjoy.

“If that is your pleasure” – “How is it in the best interest of the minor” – “Not in the winter” – “do not raise your hand” – “you are not answering my question” – “best interest of minor” and my favorite, well one of them,
“Please do not interrupt me”……most of these were directed towards the lawyers presenting their cases. To fully enjoy what I see as entertaining you need to be present to hear and to feel the words as they drop from the ceiling of department 79. They land solid on the heads of these folks attempting to practice DIVORCE law, and I am hoping they take this lesson to heart. In the end it is these comments that I feel is a learning process. Frankly, a lesson from an incredible teacher for those ‘mucking’ in the world of DIVORCE. Getting ‘learned’ from Judge Gordon or Judge Lewis is a solid and golden opportunity, just don’t choke on it.

Note: I still advise my clients to go and take the time and visit the judge assigned to handle your DIVORCE and get a feel for what is going to ‘fly and what will crash and burn’……please remember, if in front of Judge Scott Gordon and he places his head in both of his hands, just shut up and hope for the best!

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