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John J Nazarian to be a judge at Miss Philippines-America 2014

Tweet Tonight at 6:30pm PT, at the Beyond the Stars Palace on 417 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91203, the next Miss Philippines-America will be crowned and our own John J Nazarian will be one of the judges. Ticket price

Client Tells Her Domestic Investigation Story by Mike Spencer

Tweet The question of hiring a Private Investigator was a tough one. There seemed to be a Yin for every Yang, nothing certain, and I just didn’t think I was the kind of woman to do that kind of thing.

Nitwits and Lackeys—-Car 54 Where are you? UCLA Needs You!

Tweet Nitwits and Lackeys come to mind when you think for the most part of most college campus ‘cops’. Here at U.C.L.A. we have the reincarnation of “Toody & Muldoon”…..the evil and further incompetent version of two TV clown cops!

Judge Files Complaint Against UCLA Police for Excessive Force

Tweet A prominent Los Angeles Superior Court Judge claims UCLA police used excessive force Saturday morning when he was pushed against a patrol car, handcuffed and told he was under arrest for what ultimately amounted to a seatbelt violation citation,

John J Nazarian featured in Article.

Tweet John J Nazarian was featured in an article on< today, about his interview on Brandi Glanville's Podcastone show. Here is a short excerpt from the article. The man who had the inglorious task of serving divorce papers on

Questions From John To His Readers

Tweet Here are 3 questions that I am curious about, I know the answers already. I am curious what those of you who follow think? 1. “When Anna Nicole Smith took off to the Bahamas with her lawyer, what

This Is Not The Tunnel Of Love

Tweet I have done a terrible disservice to many of my readers and those that believe in the ‘Gospel of John’. Not from a religious point of view “John”, but from someone who is seldom wrong, me! There are a