Divorce Hollywood Style Part Deux — Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs

August 4th, 2013 I did a piece on ‘ Divorce Hollywood Style ‘. Well let me just say this, insanity has competition when it comes to a ‘Gay Divorce’.
The two parties sitting in Dept 2 this day was Plinio J. Garcia and his one time domestic partner Sean Allan Harrison. This hearing was all about the ‘victims’, the couples two children.

The gay community was so anxious to be like all of the straight people and begged for the baggage of divorce. Well all of you desirous of playing house are getting all of that and more. My opinion is that if you are a gay man or woman and want a child that is a wonderful thing. If you want to raise a child in a gay household, you go ahead and do it. DO NOT do it as a ‘married’ couple. Even saying that word seems odd to me, ‘married’.  It has always been my opinion that being gay is also a constant state of promiscuity, again this is my opinion.  Just as I have always stated that many men in ‘straight’ relationships will cheat if given the chance and having the understanding that they wont get caught. The ‘gay’ community is worse, my opinion.

And what is taking place with the ‘Garcia & Harrison’ show is a total disaster and the children are right in the middle of it. Here is just a sample. Anyone know the difference between ‘love and bullshit’? Read on…

Sean A. Harrison was arrested July 5, 2013, 1530 hrs. This was a misdemeanor, arrested by Pacific Division of the L.A.P.D.  ( During an attempt to to exchange children ) Uniformed police officers had to pepper spray the big sissy! BOOKING NUMBER 3615592, bail $10,000.00. This was discussed in Dept. 2 the morning that I stumbled in. Can it get any worse than this?  Oh you betcha…..read on.

Sean Allan Harrison would again be arrested on September 18, 2013 at 1500 hrs. This was going to be a FELONY! and again, Pacific Division. BOOKING NUMBER 3716141, bail, $150,000.00 ( not sure of the charges but it had to be a big one ) And Mr. Harrison did post his bail and gets out of jail! Good, you would think, lesson learned!  Not yet Mr. Harrison is not through yet……read on.

Sean Allan Harrison would again be arrested on September 19, 2013 at 1430 hrs. BOOKING NUMBER 3717408  ( note the times of these arrest, is it just I am ‘Koo Koo for my Cocoa Puffs’… It is odd, is it not?) and once again, Pacific Division. Now we are in the big leagues, Mr. Harrison is now in the $1,000,000.00 dollar bail game. Good job dummy!  I will tell you this, bails like this are for the very serious of threats and or deeds…..when I have chased down murderers, scum and people who like to threaten to do harm, this is the numbers you see and higher….’ do you think Mr. Harrison would stop and think of ‘their’ children…..HELL NO! Read On……

Mr. Sean Allan Harrison is now being housed in the ‘Men’s Central Jail’, 441 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles. And how he keeps going on and on his bail is now $1,350,000.00 and I can promise you this, he is behaving himself!

Oh he is not being the 6’2, 200 pound pain in everyone’s ass, they have special places for those who want to play the fool!  What I sat and listened to in Dept. 2 back a number of weeks ago was just a sample of Harrison’s ignorance and insolence and his feeling that he is ‘above it all’. LMAO, it would appear that someone at the Pacific Division has made Mr. Harrison a  case study!  It is always fun when people see themselves as wealthy and want all the attention they can muster….how is that working for you Mr. Harrison?

This is like when I was a police officer. If you insisted to have my attention I gave it to you!  Some things never change, you see, I feel the same way now as I did back then, you want some attention, I will do my best to see you get it.

 I was in Judge Michele Court’s court on September 20, 2013 at 9:10 A.M. when Mr. Garcia’s lawyer, Grace Jamar and Harrison’s lawyer, Lisa Helfend Meyer discussed the situation…..that being the issues surrounding the children.  Dr. Lee, Harrison’s own ‘shrink’ called 911!!!! Really, that was the beginning of the $1,000,000.00 bail. What did Harrison say to get his own ‘Shrink’ to call the cops! WOW…..good job doc! It would appear that Mr. Harrison made the run to U.C.L.A. with the cops not too far behind. This was in the hope of getting some ‘nut time’…..hmmmm, unfortunate issue there is that the ‘cop time’ takes precedent over ‘nut time’. So off to the 77 Division Jail Mr. Sean Allan Harrison went! Compliments of the men and women of Pacific Division.  Mr. Harrison, did not qualify as a ’51-50’… as it appears that he is a real ‘nutty buddy’, I am just guessing!

It was during this telephonic conference that Lisa Meyer let it be known that Mr. Garcia too has a history of ‘ hospitalization ‘ ( the poor kids )  However, from what I could see when the two former love birds were in court Garcia seems to have some control of himself and or he is not quite as fond of handcuffs and uniforms as is Mr. Harrison, I am just saying here folks.  Grace Jamar, never one to be left without an interesting word described Mr. Harrison’s behavior as “Aberrant”, ‘ and in the end, Mr. Sean Allan Harrison’s visitation with the couples children is ‘suspended’……..from what I am feeling here, the kids have one dad, in this case, maybe that is all they really need.

Note:  Maybe some parakeets, goldfish, pet rocks or a poodle or two would have been a better idea for these two gentlemen? 

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