Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

One Lawyer was heard talking to another Lawyer, ” hey do you happen to have a sword ? “, ” Dam Knot! “

Tweet “ Paul Nassif Throws in the Towel “ This is the headline on TMZ…..all the more reason that they should NOT have an office at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse…..How does a publicity ‘rag’ like TMZ get to have this?

Help find Maru’s killer.

Tweet UPDATE: Nazarian and Associates Investigations and Security would like to add $1,000 dollars to the the capture of this miserable piece of scum. Reading that this poor animal suffered such a horrifying death is beyond my depth of anger.—John

John J Nazarian, monitoring the monitors……..Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, monitor?

Tweet I have clearly stated several times in the past few years both in writing and to those who would listen, the world of ‘ Professional Child Visitation ‘ is infected with ignorance and questionable behavior…..not just in Los Angeles,