You know in some situations when dealing with cops it is either, ‘chicken or feathers’.

How some cases get attention and others just disappear and the bad guys win is something victims have been asking for decades. I am going to make my feelings known on this very subject, today, as in now, and for me it is not easy picking apart one of the L.A.P.D. divisions that I actually have enjoyed working with, but here we go!

Over the last few months I have been a little annoyed at the way Robert Faturechi has picked apart the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Everytime something happens at the L.A.S.D., BAM! Faturechi of the Los Angeles Times is on it, I am sure that when Sheriff Baca hears Faturechi , the stars on the sheriff’s collar huddle closer together, and the Baca must just wince.

Here is my story, on October 9, 2012 a young high school student decides to go on FACEBOOK and sell his bicycle. This was a bicycle that this teenager worked very hard to save his money for and then to buy himself a bicycle. We will call him, ‘Young Victim’, ‘YV’ and his family immigrated from Russia and everyone knows you cannot trust or deal with Russian cops as you never know where it will get you. Or where you might end up! Well this story takes a real twist, ‘YV’ gets contacted by a ‘C. Gonzalez’, we will call him, ‘Lucky Thief’. Well ‘Lucky Thief’, agrees to buy the bicycle and a meeting is set up at the North Hollywood Metro Station. ‘YV’ takes his bicycle and meets ‘Lucky Thief’, all goes well and ‘Lucky Thief’ pays for the bicycle with what turns out to be COUNTERFEIT $10’s and $20’s!!!! There is an adult standing by with ‘Lucky Theif’ and both suspects walk away with their ‘booty’. Was this adult covering and letting the North Hollywood High student due his bidding? Well we may never know, read on.

Well after a few minutes ‘YV’ takes what he is thinking is real U.S. currency and shows his mother who is waiting nearby. ‘YV’s mom realizes immediately that this is not real money and by that time ‘Lucky Thief’ is long gone. ‘YV’, just got scammed by Gonzalez aka ‘ Lucky Thief’ and his cohort. I need to remind you, ‘YV’ is a very nice kid, respectful, good student and honest and NEW to America. What is that old adage?

“Welcome to America“ and now you will have to deal with the ‘New L.A.P.D.’ Gone are the days of Chief Ed Davis and Darryl F. Gates what we have now is the ‘warm and don’t upset the illegals Charles Beck….I would say all law abiding citizens miss the ‘old’ L.A.P.D.

How did I get dragged into this mess? Well through marriage I am distantly connected to these nice people. And as in almost all cases, being nice will get you absolutely no place and along with that, ‘no good deed goes unpunished‘.

‘YV’ and his parents come over to my house and begin to tell me what happened and show me the COUNTERFEIT money and we talk. Well after a few minutes we all realize that ‘Gonzalez’ is a student at North Hollywood High School and used his real name on FACEBOOK along with a picture, of him! Well, I think, this is going to be easy, if I only realized what I was bringing my friends into I would have made a different decision. And maybe if I was dealing with a small town police department, this would have been easier.

Prior to going to North Hollywood Division I first call an acquaintance at the United States Secret Service (his name will remain confidential). The agent shares with me that COUNTERFEITING is not a big deal unless it involves lots of money.

(I am thinking nice, can you imagine, this is great unless you are a merchant or a ‘Young Victim’. I am so surprised that so much in our society is ignored by law enforcement. This is the new world of being a cop….thank God murder is not a numbers game, you know kill one or two, not a big deal! Kill four or more than watch out. Most other crimes you, the victim go to the police make a report and tell your story and wait and you wait and you wait and then you realize, NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN….lots of ‘Lucky Thieves’) So much for that warm fuzzy feeling when you made the mistake in thinking that the cops could help….MOST of the time they cannot.

Consider this a reality check in our large metropolitan cities.

Well the agent tells me to go to North Hollywood Division of the LAPD and make a report and get back to him when we do. Feeling full of great information, I along with the ‘YV’ and his parents go to the Los Angeles Police North Hollywood Division. We are greeted at the desk by Officer Chavez, an absolutely wonderful representative of the L.A.P.D. Officer Chavez understand clearly what has happened and takes down all of the information. Officer Chavez is pleased that we have the COUNTERFEIT money, we have the name of the person who passed the COUNTERFEIT money, we have a photo of him and we know he attends North Hollywood High School and all of his FACEBOOK information. After a few minutes Detective Gus Barrientos (we understood he was one of the supervisors here at North Hollywood Station, and again, a nicer person you could not find) Det. Barrientos listens and it appears that we have done most of the work, well that was what we were thinking anyways…..that was October 9, 2012. KEEP IN MIND THERE IS NO MYSTERY AS TO WHO DID WHAT OR TO WHOM……I and the victim put all the pieces together. I as well as the ‘YV’ were convinced that a net would be dropped on this young and up coming COUNTERFEITER and his cohorts. LMAO, silly me! (READERS READ THE ABOVE AGAIN…..OVER ONE MONTH PASSES AND NOTHING WAS EVER DONE TO THE ‘LUCKY THIEF’ & CO.)

Well, a couple of weeks later ‘YV’ is at a local park and sees another adult on HIS bicycle (this bicycle was built by my ‘YV’ and he knows it very well, every nut and every screw.) He calls me and I tell him to call the police…..this would be another mistake on my part. By the time he got through to dispatch, the bicycle was gone along with one of ‘Lucky Thief’s’ cohorts.

Now fast forward a few weeks, the bicycle and the ‘Lucky Thief’ are back on FACEBOOK and again this ‘Lucky Thief’, has his picture along with the STOLEN BICYCLE, ‘Lucky Thief’ is selling ‘YV’s bicycle for $250.00, were might you wonder is the LAPD in all of this? The worst part of this is that it appears he will get away with it if we do not do something on our own……even when you are a victim and you give the cops all of the information as to what happened and who did….chances are that in many situations the cops are going to do nothing……it is just not big enough for the men and women in blue to deal with it, what other deduction can you come up with? (I also sent e-mails to Det. Barrientos, and to others, including a Deputy Chief that I am familiar with I just want someone to hear how screwed up this is, WE GAVE YOU GUYS EVERYTHING!!!) Footnote: would it not be funny if ‘Lucky Thief’ is a cop’s kid?

Note: Last week on the evening news a young Hispanic women was telling her story of how her high school age son was ripped off on FACEBOOK by ‘unknown’ people using $100 COUNTERFEIT U.S. currency. This was even more terrible on a different level as this ‘YV’ was selling his computer because of a family emergency and they needed money desperately. They lost the computer and was left with BOGUS cash, just like my ‘YV’. Was this the work of Gonzalez & Co. ? I don’t know, but it sure seems similar enough. Here is my question to the citizens of Los Angeles, how many of you have had this happen to your family members and just sat quiet? Quite frankly, you might just as well either deal with it yourself or just be good ‘Victims’. Being quiet victims make life easier for some members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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November 19, 2012
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  1. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    The theft by counterfeit money was 11.7.12 in Bellflower. The ‘Pullido’ family were the victims, it was also on CRAIGS LIST…..sorry for the mix-up.
    I am just so pissed that I am having to do this to get any attention.
    The other case was in the jurisdiction of the Sheriff! LOL ‘they are investigating’…I hope!

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