Beverly Hills Divorce Attorney Dies, Steven Knowles 1951 – 2012 ‘An Obituary My Way’

A little over an hour ago I was contacted with the terrible news that my friend, Steven Knowles had died. Many that I have spoken to in the last couple of hours or so all had similar comments as to how much they were going to miss him.

In the world of DIVORCE Steven Knowles was one of the most brilliant minds in the world of law…..then again, look at were he graduated.

Steven as many knew was a Harvard Law School grad Cum Laude, 1976 and the class Valedictorian for his graduating class, University of Southern California, B.A., Summa Cum Laude, 1973 . He and Michael Trope had been friends since the two met at USC, freshman year, 1969.

Steven was to start with Trope and Decarolis in a few weeks and after speaking to Michael Trope earlier today he made mention that he had Steve’s business cards on his desk.

For me and my sons it was always fun to hear him say, “John, I have a job for you, please take care of it and send the bill to me “. Never asked, ‘how much’, and could care less. That was pretty much the attitude he and his partner Michael had and for us their word was as good as gold. I met Steven when he was with Trope and Trope and his unofficial title there was, ‘Mr. Fix It’. Steven had represented me on a few occasions for depositions, we would laugh as to what a waste of time to depose me as I never kept any notes and my memory was the worse. (That was my story then and I am sticking to it).

What now seems years ago, I made mention on that Steven had a wonderful “cadence” to his voice and had a calming tone when he spoke. For me I will miss those reading glasses how he often used them as a theatrical device in his delivery, as I am typing I cannot believe that he is gone.

After speaking with his partner of over 20 years, Michael Collum we spoke of their love of their dogs Romeo and Razzle (Steven’s two dogs) and Beau and Roxie (Michael’s two dogs). If you ever visited their home you were greeted by these furry door bells! Michael asked me to mention that a memorial service will be announced and for right now he too cannot believe that Steven has died, he is devastated.

On behalf of my entire family, our heartfelt condolences to Michael and the ‘furry bunch’, these were the things that Steven loved the most………..

John, Mikee, & Chris

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October 10, 2012
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  1. Andrea says:

    Hi. Steven was a good friend. I can’t find any obituary notice or service announcement. I don’t want to bother Michael… Do you know when and where a service will be held? Thanks!!!

  2. Gary Harper says:

    I was preparing to write a thank you note to Stephen, to thank him for his overwhelming support during my divorce. I served on a jury in the mid eighties on a civil case, Riviera (convertible sofa’s) against Larry Miller. He was clearly a brilliant legal adversary. 25 years later when I discovered devastating information about my spouse. I phoned Stephen. My call was forwarded to email on a Saturday afternoon and he telephoned me at 1:13 Pm the next day. My divorce did not end well , due to loopholes in California family law and I walked away, financially beaten to a pulp. Stephen gave me a great deal of assurance at a time when my life was destroyed by infidelity so vile, I still suffer from PTSD. While my case ended in a standoff, Mr. Knowles held my hand through the darkest period of my life. I will never forget him and the compassion he showed for a man who was so naive. Mr. Stephen Knowles, You shall be greatly missed.

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