Yepremyan Murder Case Update Goes to Jury John J Nazarian Thoughts

The Yepremyan murder trial is wrapping up after several weeks, it is the process that is also a real killer. Can you begin to imagine the Yepremyans sitting day in and day out within feet of those responsible for the murder of their only son. Having to sit and watch all of the evidence that at times was gruesome. There were photos of the autopsy, their boy laying there dead. And worse yet was the silly shit the defense attorneys would pull on witnesses, and the shenanigans (one would have to wonder what redeeming qualities lawyers like this have? What would it be like to have their son or daughter laying on a stainless steel table with a bullet hole in the head? Getting ready to be sliced and diced during an autopsy). Just me thinking our loud.

The defense attorneys have pulled out all the stops. Kessel was the most annoying in so much that he does his job and enjoys it. What job do you ask? Get the guilty out of the belly of the beast at all costs and this trial was no exception. Just like ‘OJ’ everyone knew Simpson killed his wife and the kid. And he was found not guilty by a gaggle of some of the dumbest human beings to ever walk the face of this planet…it all caught up with him in time (this was probably one of the rare examples of a “jury of your peers” ).

Likewise, everyone with any brains knows exactly what happened that night in North Hollywood, who killed Mike Yepremyan, who put it all into motion and all of the players. The truth has little or no place in a criminal court, it is defense games and police detectives and prosecutors who waltz around with the freedom of those in the jaws of the system. The jury system as I have often stated is a total joke for the most part, “a jury of your peers.” Really? So would I have 12 former cops on a jury, does a doctor get a jury of other doctors to decide ones innocence or guilt? Of course not, jury selection is a science for those who want to spend the money on professionals who can pick certain ‘candidates’ with certain characteristics that will be favorable for your client.

That was not the case in the Yepremyan murder case, Not Guilty or Guilty is not going to bring back Mike ‘Gombert’ Yepremyan from his grave in Forest Lawn. One big help for the defense was the fact all of Mikes ‘friends’ that night seemed to have forgotten and lied about a shotgun that was in the trunk of Mike’s car. For sure it was not put there by Mike, but by one of his friends who thought that his military career was going to be helpful in the event of something happening. In the end it may well have gave the defense a gift, sure a real big gift to the defendants. Sure, they all lied (Mike’s friends who all watched and did nothing) about an issue that if it had been told to the cops at the time would have been a non-issue. Having any long gun in your trunk is not an issue, tell the cops the truth and all would have been fine, but to lie? The whole bunch of you may have given rise to letting the killers off, we will see.

Worse yet was that this same group that were standing feet away when Mike was murdered also lied to the grand jury! WTF were you thinking guys, you never used the gun obviously, are you all that f’n ignorant? You soldier boy should have got it and used it at the fleeing murders who had just shot your best friend in the neck. But nooo, you and the others decided to try and lie and forget about a non-fucking issue. Congratulations, the whole bunch of you may very well be responsible for Mike Yepremyan and his Mom and Dad never seeing justice…all because you lied!

Now if the jury is smart and the prosecutor is as good an actor as some of the members of the defense team. This jury may well understand that they are sitting and looking at those responsible for the murder of Mike ‘Gombert’ Yepremyan. If these defendants are to be found not guilty, as I said when ‘OJ’ was found not guilty, the defendants took the risks, they played the game and payed dearly for a great defense team… this is after all our system of justice.

One other note, as many of you will recall in my earlier writings on I talk about the “Armenian Factor.” This “Factor” is as real as dead fish will stink, fruit will rot and for law enforcement the “Armenian Factor,” encompasses all of this and much more in investigating crimes involving this element.

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13 Responses to Yepremyan Murder Case Update Goes to Jury John J Nazarian Thoughts

  1. Mr. Justice says:

    Your tone has changed Mr. Mazarin are you trying to cover up your mess since you milked the Yepremyan’s??So this is how you rolle, trying to save face for your fantasy conspiracy theories? ” The Sheep going to the slaughter house” I understand. They’re your witnesses!! They’re the only one that were there 5 of them hav e 50 different stories you’re just mad because they didn’t tell your fantasy version of what happened , now you don’t agree with the constitution and human rights. you’ll say anything to make a buck an you poisoned the well !!! You’re full of B.S at this point nobody is going to take you seriously !!!

  2. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    There is a verdict in on those that killed Mike…it came in around 3PM today. Why is it that I feel so sick to my stomach?
    We will update all of you as soon as we hear what the verdict is.

  3. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Mr. Justice, I can tell by the tone of your ramblings English is not your primary language.
    ” fantasy conspiracy theories”…..LMAO I want to thank you for the kind words you F’n armpit! All of them have been found guilty of murder AND CONSPIRACY. ” Nobody is going to take you seriously!!!”. Our coverage was 100% correct and I thank you again, your ignorant and uneducated comments could not have been timely, LMAO
    The sad part that had I been working for the ‘conspirators and murderers’ some would not have gone to jail, and those that are going away for dam near ever! Would have done a fraction of the time.
    Be angry at your lawyers…..they took defendants to the cleaners!
    “dont agree with the constitution”, LMAO, as far as I can see it worked just fine!
    John J. Nazarian……’Right as usual’

  4. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Mr. Justice ever thought of commenting under your own name, takes guts! If you will notice we posted your comment as it was just perfect, again thanks!
    Mr. Right

  5. Artak Yepremyan says:

    John If somebody born without brain, he will be without brain always. Oak is always oak.
    Don’t worry my friend.

  6. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    People got “milked” alright, they are called the ‘defendants’! No one got any dairy time on our side, again, your comment could not have been more timely! Moo!
    John J. Nazarian

  7. just-a-thought says:

    John I agree with most of your blogs but I have to disagree with “you should have got it and used it at the fleeing murderer…”

    That’s a bit of an ignorant advice/statement. “Soldierboy” would be putting his life and his other friends lives in danger by getting his gun from the trunk of his car and going after the 2 men. What happened to Yepremyan was unfortunate but by risking more lives is not the answer.

    This tragedy needs to be documented and aired on the Armenian channel. A huge lesson to Armenian boys with huge egos and Armenian “bitches” who feel invincible.

  8. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    There are many people out there who ‘carry’ legally a concealed weapon. The reason is to protect ourselves and if needed the lives of others. For Jonathan to have had the thought to bring a shotgun, why I dont know. The gun was in the trunk and never used…..having blasted the car and maybe to have hit one of the murderers would not have been an illegal act. SELF DEFENSE is still alive and well in the United States, he had it and should have used it, in my opinion and those that are much smarter than I also agree.

  9. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    “ignorant”, I have to disagree as I am almost always right, it is not easy being me. As to this story being something other ‘Armos’ can learn from? That my dear is “ignorant”…….”
    pigs just done know they stink”

    “what happened to Yepremyan was unfortunate”, really? Buying a pair of shoes that dont fit, unfortunate, this was MURDER plain and simple. Right up there with a terrorist act that in my simple opinion should be dealt in anyway possible to make sure it never happens again and at all costs.

    PS: Thank you for agreeing with me, you are obviously an educated and intelligent human being!
    My best!

  10. just-a-thought says:

    My point was you can’t blame Jonathon for not using the weapon. I’m sure seconds after you see your friend shot and killed the last thing that crosses your mind is let me grab my gun and go after them. Let’s not forget these were 19 year old kids, don’t have the knowledge and expertise which I’m sure you do.

    Call me ignorant, but I do have high hopes for humanity.

    Thanks for replying!

  11. just-a-thought says:

    Also if you have time I would love to read a blog on your thoughts on gun control.

  12. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    I sincerely enjoy your comments, for myself and my family we feel that ‘gun control’ is being able to hit your target. My father had a CCW, I likewise have one and most of my family are well trained in both handgun and long guns.
    I have always felt that law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry a weapon with an CCW. It works in Florida, Oregon, Arizona and Texas. Here in California you have to be friends with a Sheriff or Chief of Police to get one. And depending on the jurisdiction. Once you have one it is good all over the state.
    IF just maybe one person had a gun in Colorado maybe that shooter would have caught some lead himself… thoughts.
    “call me ignorant”, LOL I dont think so, you comments are too well thought out.
    thank you,

  13. just-a-thought says:

    Thank you and likewise your opinions are appreciated.

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