Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer

This cements it for me — and I can hear the complaining as I type — Judge Elizabeth R. Feffer is doing “the job,” she is The Judge. Today, December 14, 2011, I was doing some research and stopped into Judge Feffer’s courtroom. For sure I have been there before and was fascinated with Judge Feffer’s ability to surgically cut through the bullshit! Is that the issue that some who sit and stand before her have a problem with? Let’s see, you go to court and your lawyer tells the judge your sad and somewhat miserable story of what was once your marriage. The judge listens and in the case of Judge Feffer I don’t think much slips by her, she is listening and also paying attention to every tiny nuance of non-truths and then she rules! (She has a very similar style as Judge Donna Fields Goldstein, right on target and cuts through the B.S.)

Judge Feffer did just that this morning, I listened closer than I normally do and I had a “coming to Jesus moment,” it is Feffer’s style that catches people off guard. She is quick and strikes hard, this is a judge who is going to interpret the law! That is what judges do and they are very well trained! (some are former cops, hello!!) While you are presenting your case you or your lawyer think you have bamboozled Judge Feffer and then she rules, she heard everything you said and her honor has read everything and lays it our for you, known as “ruling.” As a police officer I did the very same thing in the field, listen to the sad story and then when I had heard enough someone went to jail, does it get any simpler than that?

When did anyone think that going before a judge is an opportunity to be engaging and cute? That is what many of you try and do again through your lawyers and sometimes you make the fatal mistake of addressing the court yourself! What were you thinking? These men and women are not there to make friends, do you try and be cute with the CHP officer that issues you a traffic ticket? Quite frankly I am amazed that more “boys and girls” going through a DIVORCE are not lead away in handcuffs as to the level of the lies that spill from their mouths. The lies are staggering! What Judge Feffer did this morning was right on target and 110% correct and for all of you who don’t agree with me? Too bad, it is my opinion and an opinion based on 20 years of private practice in the trenches of every nasty situation you can imagine, and in the end it is really only my opinion that counts here.

For any Superior Court judge who has to sit in a DIVORCE court, they should be compensated with additional pay. Just like “combat pay,” what the judges in divorce court have to put up with is just miserable at times. Many of you were miserable husbands and wives and terrible parents to your children and you still remain miserable as you, through your lawyers try and play games with the court. More often than not you find that such behavior is going to leave you alone and broke…go look in a mirror, it will be “you” that you see, not the judge.

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  1. Occupy87 says:

    Quite Honestly having been raised by a female judge who sat on the bench in the same court house for 20 years at a time when they didn’t have separate bathrooms, I appreciate that you voice support for Judge Feffer. Judge Feffer presides over a system of adversarial divide and conquer where depleting love for children is a financial boom. People who end up in this occupation might feel comfortable looking in the mirror saying “I never want to bring a child through this sort of system” and that is the most important point to be made about family law.

  2. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Judge Feffer is a good person with a very tough job and deserves support from the Presiding Judge. You can never allow the ‘tail to wag the dog’, judges need to be independent and not give a hoot as to what the masses think…this is The United States of America, not some third world ‘boom boom’ club!

  3. balley noa says:

    Judge Feffer did an outstanding job on our both hearings. She cuts the BS and goes for the facts and law! I dont understand why are there so many remorse going on if people didnt get it their way. She is fair and balanced! Not bias and always looking into the best interest of the child.She does not go for pitiful stories of how hard your life being a single father or mother is.

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